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smoked for the first time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokin_Chronic, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. welli smoked for the very first time last night.i smoked 1 whole blunt of schwag and lil from a just wondering about what i felt,i felt shakey,and hungry and when i looked in the mirror my eyes were blood that i think about it,i really felt normal(like usuall)didnt feel anything i just need too smoke more bud?????
  2. And maybe smoke better stuff :)
  3. It sucks that your first time smoking was with schwag. It's not even comparible to mids, it's just pure shit. Go look around for some high mids or some dank... then you'll be on your azzz. :smoking:
  4. yea thats gonna save up 55bucks for white widow and another 55 for alaska thunderfuck

  5. yea thats what i was thinking,but the only reason i didnt get chronic is because i got schwag for free(1/8th).the only think is that i got REALLY hungry

  6. Now those are cherry poppers. i haven't smoked schwagg in years, lol
  7. Oh my god, I think i just jizzed myself, alaska thunderfuck, that sounds godlike.
    Let's put that on my " :smoking: To Smoke List :smoking: "
  8. Ewww, shwag. Lol..

    Yeah though, definitely get yourself some good bud, sit down with a friend or two, smoke it all to your faces, and let the good times roll. Also, use the bong more. Gets you much higher than a blunt (I know I'm gonna get bitched out for that one.)
  9. You'll be even more hungry then that after a couple bowls of dank. Schwag has no affect on me unless i smoke like a 1/4.
  10. i smoke a sheet load os schwag last night and felt nothing on my first time,which sucked arse
  11. Well shit, what do you expect, it was free. Lol

  12. You probably won't get high until like your 3rd or 4th time anyways. I remember my first time I didn't feel shit. I was pissed. But it's well worth it now.
  13. gonna try to smoke whats left tonight,maybe ill feel something
  14. I like how your screen name is Smokin Chronic or whatever, but you've smoked once and it was shwag. Just saying, kind of deceptive.
  15. Seriously. The bong. Use it. Or vape that shit, lol.

    EDIT: True NRKsoldier. That's false advertising right there.
  16. does it really matter?and wtf am i advertising?im not trying too sell nothing
  17. It was a joke.

    But yeah, definitely load the bong with what you have left. It'll fuck you up more than a blunt would.
  18. fo sho fo sho......

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