smoked for 24+hrs/cops let us off

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ironlung420, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. for some reason i wanted to make a thread in here.
    lots of shit happens, but im always really blitz :hippie: so i don't remember it all
    last 4/20 i started smoking at 630pm on the 19th and i didn't go to sleep or stop smoking till 230am on the 21st........we smoked a QP

    another time me and 3 other friends were toking up in this van (mystery machine lol)that someone had borrowed and my friend dropped the bong and it fu*king broke!,
    so now we have some rancid bong water all over the place and tiny peices of resinated glass on the floor.
    we were were at a stop light when this happen, when the light went green the van wouldn't move we were slowly become less chill lol
    sooo we go ahead and start pushing it towards a 7/11 but we can't get it up the driveway
    seconds pass and 2 of my 3 friends go inside the store, DITCHING ME AND THE BROKE VAN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET, im calling them lazy pricks for leaving, then 5 minutes later, a cop car pulls up behind us

    my friends walk out of the store, jaws drop, we all reak, we all look ripped, the van is a smelly mess...
    the cops ended up asking for id, helped us push the van the rest of the way and said "you guys becareful, have fun"
    i almost shit mehself
  2. Word...nice stories. A qp to the dome, that's some damage.

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