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smoked every day since i was 14...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by edd.excessive, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Im currently 18 and have smoked almost everyday (cept for the occasional t-break) from the age of 14. I regret starting so young but you know what my health is fine, my lungs are fine and my grades are more than fine. Im not schitzo or braindamaged im a perfectly normal student who's getting a scholarship to a top 3 university next year for acedemic reasons.

    Now i wanna hear someone try and say Cannabis is a 'bad' drug that'll make you un-motivated and a drooling zombie. :D
  2. well mate i am in my 30's and have been a regular samoker for the beter part of 2 decades, and i still get on the ice and play some hockey every once in a while. keep at it, since you/we/us are the typical smoker who just like the typical drinker does not have problems, its the idiots that skew the bell curver for us, lol.
  3. I find it hard to believe your health is fine. How fast can you run a mile?
  4. it's already proven marijuana doesn't cause any of that myth bullshit they teach you in drug awareness when your in 5th grade. Smoke weed everyday is 10 times healthier than cigs AND give you instant relaxation and comfort
  5. agreed. i been smoking since i was 8 and im almost 20 and well i cant run a mile for shit. but other then that im ok. last time i got a check up the only problem was smoke damage to my lungs. and im to the point of coughing shit up out my lungs every day with slight wezzing. but thats a smoker for you.
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    Perfect example of the average marijuana user. I wish everyone would know this.

    I agree with that though, its inevitable that your lung capacity will be effected, but its minor, and with exercise, can be countered.
  7. I smoke a lot, and I know I couldn't run a mile for shit.
    But that is because I have asthma, which Mary Jane seems to cure for me.
    So I know where I stand =]
  8. you smoke blunts mostly im guessing?

    and of course your not going to be able to run a mile if you dont regularly. Don't blame it on the weed.
  9. yea i do. and not cigarillos either. i get the sport white owls and phillies. or i get the blunt wraps that dont come filled and can be rolled to a 1 1/2 inch wide.
  10. ive been smoking atleast 5 days a week for more than 10 years and i still run a 6 min mile
  11. 200lbs 7min mile :hello:

    Don't blame the weed blame yourself. If I have some dude who's been doing nothing but eating bigmacs on the daily for the past 10 years and have him run a mile yea....... :rolleyes:
  12. I've smoked almost everday for a year and my mile was timed at 5:58. I do work out regularly though. And its not been 4 years though.
  13. tbh when i said my health was fine that was abit of a fib... From the age of twelve ive had bad nerve damage in my stomach (from a genetic condition) which has left me in constant severe stomach pain for the last 8 years :(It was one of the reasons i started smoking and it sure has helped alot. I get fatigued easily but i do cycle atleast once a day (when pain allows) for around 5 miles just to keep fitness levels up and i dont wheeze then. I do however have a slightly limited lung capacity but for the many pain-free hours canna has given me im willing to take it :p
  14. so ur seriously saying tht marijuanas going to hurt you.i would haqve expected better from you NYC.we are trying to get the world to understand that its NOT harmful
  15. We want the world to understand it is not harmful. We don't want to lie to people and make them beleive what we're talking about is BS. If cannabis is ever going to be legalised/decriminalised it will be when cannabis users and non-smokers will know the health benefits AND risks associated with it's use. Burning ANY plant and inhaling it will not be good for the lungs, period. Now I'm off to smoke a bowl becuase I just started ranting for no reason :D PS sorry if I came off pissy ;)
  16. yea, weed is anything but good for your lungs, and it will decrease your lung capacity, but hell with daily exercise that can be countered. I'm a polo player who smokes every day but i can still swim 100 yards on one breath.
  17. I've been smoking for a good 5 years now and i feel like I'm still in good physical condition, my lung capacity isn't as good as it was but i think its a fair trade.
    As long as you get out and do some physical activity you should be alright.
  18. I'm 18 and I've been smoking since I was 14 also. Not everyday though. I probably started smoking every day when I was 15 towards the end of my school year.

    I'm fine though. I ran hurdles in track, played football, and I still workout every other day.

    It's all jesus.
  19. im sure smoking weed has no down side to it untill it come to a weed nap or munchies but as far as the lungs. any smoke regardless of what it is and smoke in your lungs is gonna cause damage. might not be as saver as cigs or a burning house but there will all ways be some type of damages to your lung when inhaling smoke. now i do work out everyday and i still cant run a mile. well not under 6 min. maybe like 8 or 10 i can

  20. lots of pot since 1978, vaporizer user now; can't run a 6 min mile but i can run 6 miles slow!

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