Smoked bud from my car floorboard, lol

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  1. So it's the day after St. Patrick's day and i'm of course hungover bad. I don't have any buds and I blew most of my spending money last night. I get in the car and head to the gas station to pick up some cigs and something to drink. On the way I was thinking about how I needed some bud for a hangover cure, but at that point I didn't even feel like even seeing other people, my head was hurting so bad.

    Halfway home I took a turn and my cigs slid off the dash into the floor, when I got back I went to grab them and found this fluffy little nugget like the size of a quarter in the floor hiding near the edge of the mat. At first I thought it was a piece of trash or something but when I realized it was actually bud I was so happy I yelled "sick!" out loud lol.

    Funny thing is I didn't even pick it up, I just kind of automatically went inside and grabbed my bowl, shoved it in there and toked up, like I had planned it all along or something :smoke:

    Kinda lightened the mood a bit having the weed fairy leave me a present and all. I don't even remember having this kind of bud before :rolleyes:
  2. Haha i remember back when i was a junior in high school, my dad was doing work around the house early on a sunday morning. I hear a vacuum near my window so it wakes me up. Im sitting there watching tv and my dad walks in my room with a handful of weed. He found all that shit on the floor of my car. Then he just walked to the toilet and flushed it all. It was a good 2gs at least lol.
  3. Finding weed when you're craving it most is the best.

    One time my room had just been cleaned, so no nugs were lying around. I wanted to blaze so badly, and I opened up this random box I hadn't opened in forever and I found a sac I hid there like 6 months ago. (totally forgot!)

    Funny how I get so happy over a 5 sac, It just brought a smile to my face. :smoke:
  4. Haha, yeah finding weed is the best. I went through a phase when I had a lot of reg around all the time, would just roll up joints like a dozen at a time and usually loose them. Much better finding a cigar tube full of those instead of change in the couch :p
  5. I found a nug on my car floor too a week back er so :smoke:
  6. i've searched my car for bud and found some on the floorboard as well, one of the most awesome feelings ever, epecially when all your connects are dry.

    also found a nug in my bed one day, dont know whose it was since i didnt smoke at the time, but that pretty much got me into smoking lol
  7. Niiice dude!

    It's always amazing finding bud you dropped n shit.

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