Smoked, Blacked Out, Had Seizure

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    Today I went Disc Golfing with my sister, her husband, and one of their friends.

    I hadn't smoked in two days and kinda enjoyed being sober. Being high wasn't fun anymore and I was thinking about quitting.

    We stopped at McDonalds, and I had two McDoubles which tasted like steaksauce. After we were done eating, we left to go play disc golf.

    We played two holes and lit up at Hole 3. We smoked two bowls, and we waited for a couple people to play through. I started noticing these weird visuals. I loved it. I was too high to play, I knew it. Everything was extremely bright like there were a thousand suns in the sky. I wasn't squinting and nobody else thought it was brighter than normal, so I knew it was all in my head.

    I don't remember, but I assume we were letting some more people play through. At that point it was extremely bright. I lost my vision. There was some blotchiness of vision poking through the whiteness I was "seeing".

    I don't remember standing up to get the discs we through, but I kinda remember hanging on to the sign that marked the hole and collapsing into a bush. I blacked out, and my sister who was in front of me came over to help.

    I said I was fine and walked a few feet and blacked out again. Everytime I blacked out, I had these intense dreams about hallucinating. There wasn't like a story like most dreams have. There were just these visuals on top of the whiteness.

    Everyone was talking to me asking what happened and I was fading in and out of consciousness. They asked me to count, and I did that fine, but I counted really slowly like I was brainwashed or something. I fell unconscious again and started moaning and my leg was twitching. I had never had a seizure before, so this was a new experience for me. I was breathing normally, but I had a slow heartrate.

    They picked me up and sat me down on a bench. I don't remember much after that. I snapped out of it once we were in the car. Then I was just high. My sister told me we were going to my Mom's house. To let her know what happened.

    My mom called my dad at work and he came over. She told me to lay down and sleep to sober up. I woke up a few hours later with this huge migrane. It felt like I had a brainfreeze.

    I'm in bed still. I'm sober and migrane free. I'm just drained.

    I'm done smoking.

    I went to McDonalds, played two holes of disc golf, smoked two bowls of medical, started tripping, blacked out, had seizure for first time, started fading in and out of consciousness, went to my Mom's to sober up and got a migrane.

    My tolerance has nothing to to with this. This experience was nothing like a low-t trip. Nobody else felt anything unusual either.

    I'm not sure what happened, but it was embarrassing and I feel bad for ruining everyone's day.

    (EDIT) when I was put on the bench, my face was pale and my lips were white. I was also sweating uncontrollably.
  2. The killer marihuana cigarette!
  3. Reefer madness!
  4. Parts of my body uncontrollably twitch sometimes too. Like my leg, shoulder, hand, face, and even my dick. Does that mean I was having seizures?
  5. probably just bad weed. dont give it up from one bad experience
  6. [quote name='"IrunGC"']Parts of my body uncontrollably twitch sometimes too. Like my leg, shoulder, hand, face, and even my dick. Does that mean I was having seizures?[/quote]

    No? That's a muscle spasm. I had a legit seizure...
  7. [quote name='"TheCrunge"']

    No? That's a muscle spasm. I had a legit seizure...[/quote]

    I highly doubt that, and if you actually did it was from an underlying condition. Honestly sounds like you got dehydrated to me.
  8. Were you tired or dehydrated?
  9. Well whatever it was, it was strange.
  10. [quote name='"Dissec"']Were you tired or dehydrated?[/quote]

    I don't think so. I drink a few glasses of water a day and it wasn't particularly hot today. I'm in Colorado, so it's not like Africa hot...

  11. everything about the lights and "blackouts" and hallucinations you describe are text book type symptoms of partial seizures.....
    "my face was pale and my lips were white. I was also sweating uncontrollably" yeah i get that sometimes too......
    i had similar shit all my didnt become a problem until i was 32.....
    i actually eventually had to have part of my brain taken out .....
    if you dont already know....the best thing for you is to watch you sleep and stress.....
    you been getting enough sleep?
    over working yourself?

    the weed didnt cause it......but you prob already know that....
  12. I smell llort
  13. Was it some laced chronic? you only stopped smoking for 2 days.. where you a heavy smoke before than..?
  14. [quote name='"WizLatifa"']I smell llort[/quote]

    Why? You think I would type all of that on a PHONE for shits and giggles? You are mistaken, my son.
  15. [quote name='"Mason420"']Was it some laced chronic? you only stopped smoking for 2 days.. where you a heavy smoke before than..?[/quote]

    It couldn't have been laced. Nobody else felt anything unusual, and we were all smoking the same shit.

    I've been smoking everyday for 5 months and off and on before that.
  16. Yah bra sounds like you were dehydrated. I had a similar experience doing pretty much the same thing last summer at our local disc golf course. I didn't repeatedly black out, but what you are talking about sounds something similar to a heat stroke. It doesn't have to be "Africa" weather outside. You were high and didn't realize that your body needed water. You also ate Mcdonalds..which idk you must hate your body if you eat that shit regularly.

    I was just fine, a little high and unable to throw my frisbee with any accuracy. Next thing I know my body lost all energy and I just simply crashed to the ground. I lost my vision and the people around me came over to help. I was smart enough to stay down though..and they realized I was dehydrated. It was only 75 degrees that day. A little water and some time sitting in the grass and I was good to go. Chill the fuck out brah.
  17. Some advice: when it gets to the point where smoking weed becomes tedious and the highs are not uplifting, calm, and enhancing, it's time for a break. Your body/mind needs at least some sleep, and it also needs sobriety.
  18. Was probley that disgusting food you ate that gave you a seziure
  19. Does marihuana cigarettes made you their bitch bruh!11111111!!111
  20. In all fairness, if you are going to quit weed for good because you think it is the cause, then we can't rule out the other suspects, McDonald's and frisbee golf... you'd better lay off of those too

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