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Smoked before Scuba diving in carribean?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HuskyToker, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. I'm going to the bahamas for fall break, I think Im gonna bring my mask and fins, but has anyone ever scuba dived in great depths while high? I would think it could get rather dangerous.
  2. I'm a certified diver.
    I've dived in the Caribbean.
    Although it's generally one of the safer oceans to attempt such a feat, I highly recommend against it.

    Scuba diving is fun as it is, you don't necessarily need to be high =]
  3. Someone on my boat before the dive in Grand Cayman was blazin a doobie, wveryone could smell it. Scuba diving is the ultimate experience in itself, one of my favourite things to do, I would do it it i had a dive boat maybe?
  4. Diving is awhole lot of fun, and id imagine that diving high would be INCREDIBLE

    but thats way too risky man, too many experienced ppl have weird panic attacks and stuff under water, id never wanna be high and have have the possibility of my life ending in the next 2 minutes

    me and a (girl)friend of mine spent a weekend down in West Palm and dove all day, then we we went and got a bunch of food and smoked on the beach watchin the sunset

    its hard to beat a great day of diving and then just relaxing with a J...I felt like i had been on a 2 week vacation after that weekend, it was just too nice
  5. It would be too dangerous. I dont think any medical research on what happens to you when your stoned and at 120 feet has been done.

    And besides, like someone said, diving is a trip on its own.

    Now snorkeling stoned- thats fun, and much safer! Just wear a snorkeling vest.
  6. The only thing I'd be worried about is my own lack of skill and knowledge on the subject, i.e. diving/scuba. Other than that...shit man, I'd totally smoke a bowl. I would worry about that shit sober too, so whatever.

    Depends on how well you know yourself when you're high. :smoke:
  7. I've known some very experienced divers who say they would never dive high.
  8. I've been a certified diver for 9 years, and i would not even consider diving high. I agree that diving is a high all its own. Diving stoned is simply too risky. Even the best scuba diver can forget something while sober, i don't even want to know what could happen stoned. Does sound like fun, just too dangerous.
  9. I believe you can pull it off. People skateboard high, do all sorts of activities. It is a bit risky, but so is diving in the first place.
  10. The only thing I'd be worried about is if it has any effects at depth maybe with you're BP or something. I don't know. If you're comfortable with being high I say go for it.
  11. i would eat some shrooms and space cakes and stay in the shallows checkin out reefs with one of those little underwater jet thinggys
  12. me thinks hes confusing diving with snorkeling? if you're snorkeling hell yea do it stoned, but dont go diving stoned theres shit down there :eek:
  13. I dont think i would go diving high, man.

    I have swum while high it is was an AMAZING experience. it one of my favorite things to do.
  14. im an advanced diver now for 6yrs and ill tell you guys now that u dont need grass to dive, its a trip of its own.... but.. after a day of reef diving, its the best to smoke n chill on the boat

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