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smoked and just went on a cruise

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. tonight was great smoked with some buds in my car then just cruised around for like 60 miles. ahaha great. but my water bottle bong didnt work maybe because i cut the whole in the bottle and didnt tape it so air can get inside of it.(where i put the slider). still pretty high, ahah good night. i came home and my parents are like why do you act so weird when you get home. lmao cant wait for college after summer.
  2. sounds...neat?
  3. ahah it was
  4. Cool story bro, wanna tell it again?
  5. the "cool story bro" memes cometh...

    Love those nights though, although it's hardly a reason to create a thread and most people are going to come here at least expecting something eventful to have happened. People are gonna be dissapoint when they realize you didnt get busted/pulled over/robbed etc.
  6. Lol yall are kinda harsh on the guy. He smoked out of a ghetto bong with no one to nag him or no having to go stealth. So he was on his level tonight. I can relate.
  7. haha im not hating, just jokin. Cruises are some of the best times ive ever had.
  8. tell this one again so the kids can hear it. no but i used to do that shit all the time in high school generally 80 mile nights for me though

  9. This thread isn't lasting past 2 days
  10. ahah idc what u guys say it was fun as hell

  11. I'm proud for these guys are just bags of douches.
  12. [quote name='"Thenewgrower42"']

    I'm proud for these guys are just bags of douches.[/quote]

    I can't seem to make sense of this. No one's really been a douche here, I even agreed with op on the pleasantness of these kind of outings.

    Op, if you don't care then why create a discussion topic about it on a message board used for communication of ideas. Stick to your guns man, even when faced with those of us who may find stories like this redundant and pointless. You had something you wanted to share with the world and now you've accomplished that. Now, go burn another and know I hold no ill will over this thread. I just enjoy prying sometimes and it's nothing personal.
  13. I think everyone here was pretty much just like "Cruises are awesome".
  14. i never feel more at peace with the world when i get a cpl snacks good drinks and go on a smoke voyage.. esp on a nice day windows down just before sunset
  15. Thats whats up.
  16. lmao yahh we stopped and got some food and drinks from mcdonalds and continued back on our cruise. too bad i get 15mpg but who cares
  17. Sweet you like long walks on the beach too?


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