Smoked alone for the first time today

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  1. I woke up and hit my friends to go out and smoke since we always share are weed together you know *all for one, and one for all* but they were at work so I was like what the hell and went on my own solo adventure.
    It bright and hot as fuck outside and I had to find a good spot to smoke. On my search i saw 2 state trooper cars and a couple of police cars and felt alittle uneasy.
    But alas i found my spot and started taking hits from my spoon. I saw a couple of Mexicans cutting the grass and using leafblowers and I stared at them. They smiled back and I waved.
    Took a trip to McDonalds humming all the way there up to the cash register. Got the 2 mcdouble and a lrg dr.pepper special and munched happily.
    I turned on some tunes and started jammin and dancing to some Eminem.
    [ame=]Eminem Westwood Freestyle with less Westwood - YouTube[/ame]
    I thought I'd have a horrible time alone but in the end it was just as fun. :smoke:

  2. [​IMG]

    Oh and by the way, now your addicted to the weed.:smoke:
  3. smoking with yourself is fantastic
  4. I love smoking by myself and jamming to music. Such a great high everytime!
  5. i fucking love smoking by myself, especially when all the friends i have steal some of my weed... :(
  6. I love smoking by myself, wakenbakes are the best.

    The thing I hate is that you get stoned quicker, and you zone out, look at your bowl and you're all like 'oh shit!' ahah.
  7. You drove man.
  8. Smoking by yourself is so peaceful. You'll probably like doing it more now.
  9. I always smoke alone... always...

  10. this.

    I prefer smoking alone, always.

    that doesn't mean I won't smoke with people :)
  11. I love smoking alone, it's great
  12. Just a tip any fountain drink at Mcdonalds is only 1 buck. Small, Medium, Large,XL is all 1 dollar mayne, and no I dont work there Im just fat.
  13. Smoking alone is the shit! I only have 2 other people I smoke with, like to keep it between my good friends. I just don't feel comfortable smoking with anyone else.
  14. Smoke and run errands.

    Seriously, I love to wake and bake and then go get some stuff done. Once I did that then went to get my hair cut, sell back some books to the book store, grabbed some lunch and read the newspaper at a restaurant, then went to the mall to get some new jeans. Everything seems more fun and interesting being left alone with your thoughts and jamming out in your car on the way to your next item on your to-do list.

    Seriously, it's some of the most fun you can have alone.
  15. WORD! Definitely a great time.
  16. Smoking alone is great. I like to just jam out to music, and get some food. But the best part about smoking alone is that you don't have to worry about that kid mooching for weed, or someone complaining that you didn't match them enough, and all that stupid bs that happens with stoners haha, also smoking alone let's you have those more spiritual sessions if you know what I mean.
  17. Smoking alone is definitely an peaceful experience.

    I just like to zone out for hours just starring at inanimate objects, watching some funny shows that increase laughter to the point where I can't fucking breathe, I don't have to entertain people, headphones blasting or sometimes bump my stereo to max volume, also going deep into my mind aka "spiritual sessions" I feel awakened and meditate at times, also taking walks when your blazed feels like you're in a television show XD
  18. I'm at the point where I just tell everyone else if they want to smoke to roll there own weed or throw a 5.

    After a certain amount of mooching, no more is allowed.
  19. Word smoking alone is the best before classes I would always do it or just meet with mates
    I've recently been getting into 90s rap like
    Ice cubes today was a good day
    So nice and also a tribe called quest

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