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smoked a silly blunt last night

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHumanChillum, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. took equal parts AK, afghan gold, and northern lights and rolled an obese blunt. enjoyed it with 2 friends, illegal, yet good.
  2. wow...just good? sounds more like incredibly fantastic to me...
  3. I'd trade my left arm for that! (need my right arm)...
  4. Where do you get actual strains like that without ordering off the menu? Online?
    I would really be interestested in tring the Cannibus Cup winners, DAMN! Like floating on a cloud.
  5. :eek: :hippie: thumbs up to you

  6. hash plant was a strain that won the Cannibus Cup and i get an 8th for $25 canadian off one of my friends. It's so good and tastes really really resiny. You even get a different high from it to a narcotic high, it feels like if your really really high and just ate 3 t3's with only giving you the feel of coedine and not the painkilling effects.

    Me and a few people are smoking an onze on thursday and i'm doing E for the first time right before i go to match.

  7. You are just so privileged up on BC country. I thinking about paying a visit to the sativa sisters in vancouver! Maybe my good looks will persuade otherwise. wink LOL! By the way what are those t3's you speak of? Trip2Nights?
  8. all came from university of vermont
  9. nice blunt
  10. Mmm tasty blunt
  11. ive been to bc...and it was amazing...a kid randomly walked up to me and asked if i needed anyhting, and then he gave me a listof the strains...and they were $30 8th canadian!...and i bet if you lived there and had better hookups(im a tourist, he can probably make at least 5 bucks off me just because im so happy with the already super-cheap price)

    if i talked ot loong, sorry im hihg

  12. i can't imagine why :D

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