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Smoked a plastic pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jivy96, May 7, 2011.

  1. I had made a pipe out of a highlighter and a socket to smoke for my first time. I used it on around seven different occasions hitting it about 3-4 times each. All of this within 2 weeks. Now i feel kind of lightheaded and short on breath. However I did not have the best lungs before any way. The end of the highlighter did get a little burnt. Is it possible I inhaled plastic fumes?
  2. It is most probable. Don't smoke from plastic or aluminium foil man just buy a stone pipe. Go au natural
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  3. Ok thanks, but do you think I have done any damage to my body?
  4. Just dont do it again and you should be fine
  5. No, you're fine. Back when everyone started smoking I'm sure they made a plastic homeade. I've inhaled a huge hit worth of plastic before. Just gave me a bad headache.
  6. Using that is bad, everytime you hit it you probably inhaled plastic fumes since the plastic doesn't need to get burned to get hot and melt a little. Just stop using it and invest in a glass pipe- you won't regret it.

    As for your lightheadedness, you're probably just high. You may be feeling effects of the fumes but I doubt it really harmed you from such little use. Just don't use it anymore.
  7. Okay thanks, and I think the lightheadedness was becuase a few minutes before I posted this I tried to see how long I could hold my breath.
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  9. #9 Blazin Ginger, May 8, 2011
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    Lol what he said
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  10. +1000
  11. HHHHAAAAHHHHAAAAA yeah bro i just smoked out of a fuckin pen peace and socket it was gross and doesnt taste good its very unhealthy but im using it just till i get my bubbler
  12. roll a joint or buy a bubbler for like 10 bucks off amazon
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  13. I remember making a bong out of a water bottle and a metal tool peice lol wayyy back in freshman year.

    But ya , don't do that again & you're good .
  14. The term is Highlightheaded and it's a thing. Should have known that going in. Seek unnecessary medical advice promptly.

    A vast difference between smoking a pen and smoking with a pen. Shouldn't do either but one won't kill you in moderation.
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  15. This thread is 6 years old and OP figured out he was lightheaded bc before he made this post, he was seeing how long he could hold his fucking breath.

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