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Smoked a joint a half - felt nothing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dugudugu, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. I've been vaping, eating and occasionally smoking cannabis for about 4 years. I almost always use it at nighttime to help go to sleep (struggle with insomnia) but I enjoy the euphoria and giggles before I drift off to a night of solid sleep.
    My tolerance has grown, of course, over time, especially after I accidentally dosed too heavily with some edibles when in Colorado recently. (Basically couldn't smoke anywhere and didn't bring my vaporizer) Enjoyed myself but when I returned home to my vaporizer, found that I could vape an entire bowl and feel only mild effects.
    So I took an unprecedented 4-day break.
    Then I brought a couple of joints to an evening show last night, and took about 15 minutes to smoke one. An hour later, felt just about nothing at all. Smoked half of another rather rapidly (like over 2-3 minutes) and it did little to give me a high. (Sourced from the same dispensary I always get my stuff; Maui Wowie and Headband)
    Did I just smoke them too quickly, or is my tolerance now so high that I have to take a much longer break to restore my sensitivity?

  2. I would think smoking them faster would get you high faster so I don't think you smoked too fast. Have you been vaporising more than smoking? It might be that the effects are not as strong if you have been using a different method. I would imagine after a 4 day break you would feel a joint or a vape though.  It may be that when you smoke usually you are very tired I imagine due to insommnia. It looks like you smoked a  bit earlier in the day so you were out and about and you might not have noticed the high as much due to this and the fact you were possibly feeling more awake?
  3. Also you may try a different strain perhaps. I try to cut quantity when that seems to happen...
    Take excecise ...even a walk daily. The then fire up and ride the endorphins.
    If youve alot of adrenalin going sometimes that may keep the high down abit...for me anyway.
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  4. Oh and eating weed lowers your smoking buzz for a few days. The body carries that longer than a direct smoke if youve smoked nonstop a while.
  5. Youre so high you don't even know your high. Yer trippin balls.
  6. Thank you for the replies so far, although I don't think the guesses apply to my situation for the following reasons:
    - I was well-rested yesterday, having used melatonin and/or Nyquil to go to sleep the prior 4 days.
    - The edible residue was long gone; it had been two weeks since I had last consumed an edible.
    - I get a decent amount of exercise (walking at least) pretty much every day. I'm in pretty good shape.
    - I'd never tried Maui Wowie but it was supposedly a top-shelf pre-roll at the dispensary I usually go to. I had tried Headband many times before and it never failed to get me lit.
    Still very puzzled why this happened! I guess I'll just have to go for a much longer break - maybe 2 weeks?
  7. I know the problem - your tolerance is still super high. i guarantee if you take a break for two weeks you'll feel the high again, and for a month youd be smacked off your ass.
  8. Yeah I think your best bet is to go with the two week t-break and then report back once you've taken a long enough break and have tried smoking weed again afterwards. 
  9. 1.5 joints and nothing... ? 
    must not be weed then.
    daily smokers for years will feel "something" from 1.5 joints... that's just silly 
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  10. Everything plays a part in your buzz. I get the very best top on the bud high if I dont smoke early and have a gigantic workout.
    3 hours on the bike is typical(off road)
    Afterwards a couple puffs gets you sincerely ripped. Every time. Riding adrenaline and endorhpins, that will peak again at that moment.
    From the plateau you're are on after a HUGE work out.
    Huge helps. Any exercise works. Just not before...or you will get a very different glow.
    This is always the case smoking before or after Ive found doing it sooooooooooo long now.
    Its still good. Unless I eat a brownie...
    For that buzz smoke not. Eat a brownie w/weed. When you start to feel funny light up. Its kicks in best I think then.
    Or smoke sativa then some indica or vice versa. Dont smoke them together. The contrasting high is better to separate them.
    An expirement. Its such hard work!
  11. Thanks, everyone. Now I'm wondering if it was just green-colored sawdust. (I got them from the same very popular dispensary as I get all my bud)
    I felt nauseous yesterday evening so I packed my vape with blueberry kush and just a handful of hits gave me that nicely tight feeling in the back of my head, and made me feel calm. A few more hits and I felt good enough to fall asleep.
    If I feel the effect with the same strain peter out, I'll go on a 2-week t-break (and maybe work out like nuts, like Cannoman suggested) to restore some sensitivity. 
  12. Switch to bongs
  13. And the weed was good right?
    If it was high grade, then I will pray for you. 4 days should have got your tolerance back down to 0. 4 days has aways worked for me.
  14. #14 jd4083, Nov 5, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2014
    I've been smoking an awful lot of really good dope for about 10 years solid without many breaks and I can say with certainty that if I took even a 24 hour break I would be high as shit when I next smoked. You need better weed man. If you've been smoking/vaping/eating the same strain(s) exclusively then that could contribute as well, but again, it shouldn't be that much of an issue if it is quality herb.
    With that said, I've talked to people who have been smoking for years (even decades) and just recently have found that any amount of herb makes them paranoid, anxious, and generally uncomfortable. We already know that cannabis can bring out latent psychoses like schizophrenia and BPD, so I wonder if this could not be some reaction that is similar in nature...but I don't really know shit. Hope you get high soon, dude.
  15. Yeah, I'm wondering if it was crap weed now, too. They were two not-too-cheap prerolls (Maui Wowie and Headband) from the same dispensary I get my regular bud from. I'll just avoid them from now on.
    At any rate, I still feel like I have a raised tolerance so I'm winding down to a couple of (vape) bowls a week. I'm also studying and having to memorize tons of shit, and I suspect reducing usage will help me. Fortunately, most nights I've still been able to get a decent stretch of sleep, by far the biggest anxiety about not using it as often.
  16. lol

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    oh, they were prerolls? You were had, my friend. You just got the bottom of the barrel larf and probably some trim thrown in for good measure. Go back and complain and they should take care of you
    It's been a couple of weeks now and don't want to be "that guy" but I agree I was had. I'll just have to roll my own when I head out to a show, or just take my vaporizer with me.
  19. Take Omega 3 daily
    I swear it's not placebo, It definitely improves the experience but you won't notice straight away. Took 2 weeks for me but it's worth it, tolerance stays lower for longer and highs last longer.
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    This is very important. Omega 3 is in charge of keeping your CB receptors functioning. 
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