Smoked a bowl with my dad last night...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by grimtoker, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. So me and my dad were home, my sister was gone, my mom was still at work.

    He is off work from January - April because he gets surgery in January on his knee. His work only drug tests them once every 6 months, and he just got tested last month and passed clean. I knew he had smoked in the past, and he knows I smoke. He asked me if I had anything. I was like, if I tell you, you can't tell mom. He's like okay, thats fine, and I show him my bud. He was like damn this shit smells good, you got anything to smoke it in? I pulled out my good ol' plumber pipe, he started laughing about it and was like that works.

    I packed the bowl, and we went out in the kitchen, he took the first hit, and held it in until I took mine, blew the toke out and then took another hit. He was surprised how big of a hit I can take, (about a 20 second hit, I've counted) and we were fucked up.

    It wasn't too awkward, he was half drunk so it didn't really matter lol. Since it was Friday, we get pizza for dinner, we ordered like 3 Large pizzas, cheese sticks, and chicken tenders from Papa Johns and ate every last slice of it, oh yeah my mom ate it too, she didn't know we were blazed out of our skulls, oddly enough, since she used to be a toker.

    That's my story, I'm gonna go take a Jamaican shower now. :bongin:
  2. haha man i wouldn't be able to do that it would be so awkward.
    by the way you dont have to hold in thew smoke for like 20 seconds all the THC is absorbed withing the first few seconds of it being in your lungs:)
  3. Sounds like a fun time man..the pizza at the end is a perfect way to top it off :D
  4. I think he means he was inhaling for 20 seconds :hello:
  5. that sounds fucking rad
  6. Nice man!

    Been thinking about offering to smoke my dad up a lot recently, he's had a few surgeries as well
    and takes Vicodin almost daily because his chronic pain is so strong.

    Although since my mom is a respiratory therapist, she is totally opposed to smoking in any shape or form.
    So if anything it will be giving him edibles

    not sure if i'd get high with him, but definitely think it would feel good to provide him with a healthier alternative to improve his quality of life

    and that sounds like a right feast you two had!
  7. My parents know I smoke and just recently my dad revealed to me that he smoked every day from the 70's, up until I was like 9. The only reason he stopped was because he thought he was gonna fuck up his singing voice. (He and my mom were in a band at the time)

    He told me he might start smoking again because the band broke up and I asked, "With me?" and he was like, "Maybe..." and I hugged him and told him I loved him lol.
  8. It was pretty cool, probably wouldn't do it again though because of the awkward level.
  9. Damn bro, sounds like you had an awesome night. My mom is gone for a while so I'm just here with my step dad. I know he blazes it but he doesn't know I do. And all we've been eating this last week is pizza haha.
  10. thats whats up-i thought it was crazy when i got drunk with my pops-cause hes like a strict army type-he thought he could out drink me/i outdrank him under the table
  11. ohhh thats pretty fucking hardcore then hahaha
  12. lol tight
    true father son moment
  13. Yeah. I still smoke with my mom and my brother and his friends and it's fucking fun as well. It's like a whole big party. She's cool with it and she's not to good at smoking anymore cause her lungs are all fucked up so we tease her about it.
  14. one of my goals in life....smokin with the parents. but my pops was hardcore athlete all thru high school and college so he is completely opposed to any 'drugs' :(
  15. i swear on mary jane that i just had that EXACT SAME THING happen to me a couple months ago. except the pizza was chicken ...gooood chicken.we got a lot more comfortable and closer around each other.

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