Smoked a blunt with snoop Dogg last night...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FartSmoke, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. yup, if there was a picture, id want one

    Also to this

    I am quickto cal bullshit

    I have seen many threads like this


    pics or it didnt happen

    said there was a picture

    just cause you have VIP doesnt mean you nonchalantly go puff a blunt with the king of marijuana in hip hop

    yes celebs are just people

    but those people have money power and security etc

    I find it hard to believe a personal blunt was shared

    sure blunts will be passed in snoop or Wu tang concerts

    idc if you care or w.e

    do you

    i just dont believe it
  2. smoking a blunt with snoop would be so dope.
  3. Are you from nanstucket?
  4. post pics of your ticket with the VIP pass... everyone keeps their tickets so lets see it.
  5. I smoked salvia with miley cyrus at my birthday party last week. SUCKAS

  6. GOD, you are THE worst!
  7. take a picture of the VIP pass next to an issue of todays newspaper
  8. I believe him, a girl I work with just saw snoop in the last two weeks, during the last song or something like that girls where invited onstage to dance, then after they where invited backstage, snoop gave em all a hug and all his "boys" where smoking blunts. they didn't smoke and she said it didn't appear as if snoop was smoking but I 100% believe this guy.... and if it turns out he's lying oh well he tricked me.
  9. Dopeeeeee.
  10. [​IMG]

    was he dressed as seasonal as he was here? cause this is one of my favorite pictures of snoop haha

    and im extremely jealous. Smoking an L with snoop is on my bucket list :smoke:

  11. HELL YEAH:mad:! I cant BELIEVE the heat this guys getting here:rolleyes:.

    hey OP, i thought the story was awesome.:hello:

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