Smoked a blunt with snoop Dogg last night...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FartSmoke, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Jesus Christ, he went backstage to a fucking concert, IT HAPPENS ALL THE DAMN TIME
  2. Hahahah OP, ignore all the haters, I think thats badass as fuck. Got no reason NOT to believe you so I'm just gonna say youre a lucky guy lol. Cheers
  3. You guys remember the thread where the dude was at a Wayne concert and he passed a blunt to the crowd, and everybody on here was like LOL WOW UR SO COOL MAN I WANT WAYNES WEED I BET IT WAS LYKE THE BEST LOL AMIRITE
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    If anything sucks its your post bro
  5. Nah, I wouldn't mind more details..
  6. Dude thats sick, id love to smoke a blunt with snoop dog! Bet it was amazing :)

  7. My uncle was driving around the highway on business, he saw a tour bus pulled over and apparently it was having some trouble.. so he pulled over and asked the man if he needed help... It was a large peice of (something) underneath the tour bus, my uncle got it from underneath the bus with his truck....moments after the driver returned to his bus, who else but willie nelson hops out of the bus and offers my uncle a swig and a moment to thank him.. Uncle said his bus was all pimped out with western shit and his bus was veryy incognito from the outside.
  8. Holy shit too many questions. I didn't buy the tickets, they were a gift, but I'm pretty sure they were $375 or $350 for VIP. I don't know how many people were in the room as I was a bit tipsy and mostly paying attention to the man himself. He told me thanks for comin out even when the roads are so shitty (I drove 40 miles and we just had a shitstorm of snow)
    He was there Tuesday night, at Cain's Ballroom on main street downtown. He stood up to take a pic with us, he's about 3 inches taller than me. Fuck this, I'm done trying to prove shit to you. I don't need to.
    Anyways, the picture isn't of us smoking, it's just me and my friend standing next to him. Which is something I can't post on Grasscity because I can't have this account tied to my identity due to my job.
  9. Lol wow ur so cool man i want snoops weed i bet it was lyke the best lol amirite
  10. cool man did you talk to him?? was he cool or was he a dick?\
    I imagine rappers not letting me hit their blunts you know how they are...all full of themselves lol
  11. it would probably be more rare to see snoop not smoking a blunt. :smoke:
  12. We talked but it was only for a minute or two, he wasn't a dick at all. Compared to the shit we get here, it was dank!
    We get really good shit but it's usually dry and seems like it could have been cured longer.

  13. Heard it was coming out 4/20/11
  14. Right on man, I am a believer.Dont worry about the jealous little skids on here, the place is infested by them.Lots of people just never get the chance to meet any celebs since they are to dirty.Go hangout at a bus loop with your backpack, skids.
  15. How do you think Snoop Dogg learned to smoke blunts in the first place? All my doing. ;)
  16. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  17. hahaha yeah ive been hearing all kinds of release dates for YEARS now. Hopefully it will actually come out this year though, should be pretty sick
  18. i believe the man, i saw snoop in a studio on chatroullete once.. we were just like ehhhhhh and held up our weed
  19. Word, Hi Annette :wave:


    So blur your face haha
  20. I don't think snoop smokes blunts cause he has been hanging with wiz a lot and he definately doesn't fuck with the tobacco anymore

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