Smoked a blunt with snoop Dogg last night...

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  1. A friend got me VIP tickets to go see snoop in Tulsa last night. We got to meet him and I got to puff on a fat blunt he had goin. Holy shit I still can't believe it. Probably the best smoking experience I'll ever have.

    before you ask, no I don't know what strain. Very indica dominant.

  2. I'm calling bs simply because of the lack of details.
  3. Pics

    or even with pics this is utter bullshit
  4. What details do you want? We had VIP tickets, went backstage in a room where he was smokin and watching the OKC Thunder game, and some guy took a picture with the three of us. He was smoking a blunt when we walked in and simply passed it to us, we talked for a second, he told us thanks for coming and we went back out front.
  5. Who(troll) are(troll) you (troll)trying(troll) to (troll)impress

    just cuz we getst high doesnt make us gullible and dumb
  6. Pretty sure I'm not trying to impress anybody. I don't give a shit what you guys think of me so there's no need to impress anyone. I've been browsing these forums for a long time, and saw the real life stories forum as a good place to post an awesome moment that had to do with smoking on here. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sorry if you don't believe me, but I honestly don't give a shit because I know it happened.
    But damn, that shit was dank.
  7. I don't find it that hard to believe...

    I mean Snoop's gotta be fucking somewhere smoking, and there's gotta be kids with VIP passes lol...

    Sounds chill though man, pretty cool to get passed that blunt.
  8. When he passed that to me I was stoked. I've been jamming snoop since doggystyle came out. I love his shit. I still can't believe I got to smoke with the guy.

  9. Right on man, I'm also anticipating that collab he's dropping with Wiz, should be a nice blend of their naturally fit voices for the game.
  10. More than anything, I'm looking forward to Detox. I'm hoping to hear it by 2015.
  11. Not to hard to believe, I mean my gf smoked with Willie Nelson
  12. thats legit man. i wish i coulda smoked a wood with macdre before he left us but snoop is tight and alive.

  13. you smoked with snoop and you are talking about how dank the weed was.

    hes not getting his weed from pluto man. its the exact same nice dank almost every has an acess to.

    like did you sit down?
    did you stand?
    was he naked?
    how many people were there?
    who was there?
    how many security guards?
    why did you get to go to the room and no one else?
    wheres the pic someone took of you three together?
    it would suck if you had no pic of your best smoking experience in a liftime

    did he ask you if you wanted anything to drink or eat?
    how much did the vip tickets cost? where did you get them?
    how many months ago did you get these vip tickets?

    did he say anything to you when you were leaving.
    how much taller is he then you?

    i dunno man

    you're right

    this is real life stories section

    but your story sucked

    it was like a sentence

    yo man my boy got vip tickets, 50cent brought me in hes ferrari, we did it. doy doyyyy doyy

  14. What did you talk about?
  15. Jesus. The story isn't THAT unbelievable. You all sound like a bunch of jealous bitttttches
  16. dude i beleve you , i8t just seems you cant post anything on here without getting flame bombed i meen this is a majuana cultivation forums we should realy be a bit more chill, but thats great im happy for you man i think this thread should like turn into a have you toked with a famous person thread that would be awesome,

    i once toked with a pro skateboarder i dont know his name but he tours world wide i only found out he was famous when after some chick went up to me and asked me if i could hook her up with him and if i was famous to hahaha was a funny moment.

    + rep man :D
  17. I don't believe it simply for the fact that Snoop Doog doesen't pass his blunts, he smokes that shit to the dome :smoke:
  18. ...You did mention a picture... and I don't see it.
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    I love how everyone immediately calls bullshit! :rolleyes:

    You guys going to call bullshit that I have a friend riding on his tour bus with him right now?
    Just because you don't know anyone with connections or have connections yourself, or have never gotten lucky or somehow gotten yourself backstage to make friends with your favourite musicians doesn't mean other people don't. When you go to smaller venues, it's pretty damn easy to get where you wanna go. ;)

    Famous people are JUST people, like you and I.

    OP, that's awesome. I really wanted to go to the tulsa show, but the snow made it impossible.
    I'm glad you got to smoke with snoop, how fun would that be!?!:smoke:
  20. Sup Tokin Muskogee (oklahoma in the house!!!!)

    Nice shit dood...When did he come to tulsa????:)

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