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Anxiety Smoked 7 days Ago Still feel high !

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Moneybaggyo, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Should i got to the e.r. I smoked sum "high" grade weed a week ago I still feel out of it... I cant find no solutions to what Im feeling I feel light headed dizzy confused tired At times i feel like im going back to normal but it kicks back in... im 25 yrs old & weigh 380lbs not sure if my weight has something to with it...
  2. Man, I know we all wish we had bud that lasted a week off one session.

    It's all in your head.
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  3. 380? Time to hit the gym man. Probably why you feel like shut.
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  4. uhh... see a doctor.
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  5. 25 and 380 lbs...........

    Smoking weed isn't your biggest problem bud.
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  6. Okay so after 7 days I finally came down from the high, it seems that the THC was being stored in my fat cells and was releasing little by little I went on a for an hr jog three days in a row and had lots of sex with my girlfriend think all the exercise help the burn the fat cells holding the THC I also found a thread that was very helpful

    ULTIMATE GUIDE To Feeling Weird or Still high several days/weeks/months later

    I am laying off the weed from now on I ain't messing with that crap you know different shoe sizes for different people everything isn't for everyone
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  7. This thread has me dying!:lmafoe:
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  8. just in case you would like to indulge again... get citicoline.... use 3 to 5 times more than the thc amount you consumed to offset the effects of thc... whole black peppercorns can help too to slow down effects... and also, CBD... it is totally different than thc
  9. I'm going through the same thing! I just feel lightheaded and dizzy all the time unless I am distracted by something else like talking, watching tv, etc.
  10. Just drink a lot of water go outside and get some fresh air it really helps try to surround yourself with people exercise as much as possible and have sex with your girlfriend watch whole bunch of movies play video games eventually you will feel better I can honestly say that today is the first day that I fully feel better it's been a total of 11 days since I've smoked some High Grade weed and I was feeling light headed I even ended up going to the ER because of this the doctor said that since marijuana is more potent nowadays it is very possible to have a hangover that's lasting more than 3 days if you're not an everyday smoker you will most likely take notice to this hangover most people that smoke marijuana on the regular basis are immune to this hangover and do not realize this since their body is used to it, I'm praying for you man I hope that you feel better soon I know what it's like it is not fun honestly the best thing that you can do is stay off of the internet and stop reading about this stuff because you have people out here that will give you some bad advice and will give you the wrong information that will freak you out the best thing to do is stay off of the internet little by little you will start feeling better I'm telling you this from experience.
  11. I basically am an everday smoker though and this still happened to me. It's very strange. Have you smoked since then yet though? It's been 3 days so far and I don't really feel much of a difference.

  12. I am pretty sure that you will be fine just keep drinking water eventually you should feel normal have you smoked since you started feeling light headed? If you're an everyday smoker you can be feeling this because your body is going through withdrawal because you're used to smoking weed but as for me I have not smoked since then and I can honestly say that I'm probably never going to smoke weed or use any drugs again in my life I realize that they're not for me.
  13. Dude I was thinking the same thing!!!! Haha

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  14. As of now, I haven't smoked in 3 days. I know it's not withdrawals though because it happens even when I smoke everyday.. like I can smoke one night and feel weird like this throughout the next day.
  15. i know this is a long shot as it was a year ago and probably won't see this post but If you do did you notice after the 7 days that it was just like a switch had been flipped and you felt yourself?as im going through exactly what you described it was the first and last id ever try and thinking now after not doing any of the stuff you mentioned I'm in for a longer than 7 days
  16. Dude from last 5 days i am also feeling the same. From last 2 days am also going for 2 hours walk. No one can understand the feeling that what going through wi thg h person at this time. Literally sometime i starts begging with my self that what i did. I don't know how longer its gonna be continued.
  17. How many days you took to recover and did u use any medicine or exercise?
  18. with that much fat on your body you very wel could be “high”. Thx sits in fat cells. I bet if u broke a sweat u would smell the thc leaking from ur pores. Either ride the free high or make a lifestyle change. Doctors won’t do anything but give u an obese chart and run ur blood. Maybe even chalk u off as a stoner! Drink water and detox. Maybe find a sauna. But if ur that uncomfortable I’d stop smoking for awhile. U probably just forgot how sober feels.
  19. This thread is so helpful, along with ULTIMATE GUIDE To Feeling Weird or Still high several days/weeks/months later.

    What happened to me might be even worse. I smoked weed for the first time. Didn't know it was potent. So smoked an entire joint. Had a very bad experience. Thought I was dying. But held together because I read about certain number of people experiencing panic attacks.

    The next day I was better so I smoked some more. That was a mistake. I had a severe panic attack. The panic attack began when I saw our old beloved dog gasping for breath because she was very sick (she's getting better now). I almost passed out. I was then admitted to the ER. Did a bunch of tests and everything was normal. So the doc discharged me saying I've had a panic attack. I couldn't tell him about the weed because it's not legal in my country.

    I was discharged and began panicking. I was wondering if I've damaged my brain or if my weed was laced. But this is forest grade weed and no pesticides are used. Also, it isn't spiked because I got it from a farmer. They never bother spiking because they don't see themselves as smugglers or dealers. So I know my weed was good. But now I see that it was not just good but damn potent. Or maybe I'm a newbie, that's why it hit me like that.

    I'm glad to know that you went through the exact thing I'm going through
    , and some breathlessness. I'm glad I'm not alone.

    I'm right now having a lot of water and eating healthy. Can anyone tell me if you tried Milk Thistle?
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  20. Lolololololololololol. You just have to keep telling yourself. Your gonna be OK. And enjoy it

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