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Smoke with a....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cyberkast420, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. #1 Cyberkast420, Jan 8, 2013
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    Person(s) you probably will never be able to. What I mean:

    Give a name of a celebrity that you would love to smoke with. Dead or alive.

    Also.. if you can think of any historical person who is dead but would probably be cool to smoke with. Could be even a dictator but keeping in mind that they'd be cool to smoke with you.

    I'll go first then. As far as celebrities I'd say Jimi Hendrix (then he would probably grab the guitar and make it even better).


    Maybe Marley


    ...or Bill Hicks.


    Historical figure: Leonidas. That would be epic.

  2. I'd go with Mitch Hedburg, I would love to hear him come up with observations in the first hand. R.I.P Mitch.
  3. someone intellectual and funny as shit
    george carlin or henry rollins
  4. Jesse Ventura, id be all like " tell me a freaky ass conspiracy" that would trip me out. haha
  5. Dave Matthews for sure
  6. I'd love to burn with the Count of Monte Cristo, wouldn't be too hard considering he's already down with the hash.
  7. Eric Clapton.. id like to just kick back with him a couple doobs and a couple guitars couple shots of whiskey if need be lol and write some music with his ass
  8. Jon Stewart
  9. Jesus probably
  10. General Patton. He was just a goddamn pimp.
  11. Kevin Hart would be fukkin hilarious. Or some fine gurl, Marilyn Monroe in her prime :)
  12. Solo from Horrorshow.
  13. Joe Rogan.
  14. I'd have a huge smoke out with the greatest east coast rappers. The GZA, the RZA, Method Man, Raekwon, U-God, ODB, Ghostface, Masta Killah, the Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Common, Mob Depp, ATCQ, Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah, AOTP, Ill Bill, Rugged Man, Immortal Tech., and Jay-Z.
  15. Maxwell, D'Angelo, and Bono

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