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    If you could blaze with anyone famous or historical person who would it be(it doesnt matter if there stoners or not)
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    Bob dylan
  3. Steve Buscemi (sp?)
  4. Marilyn Manson
    Chris Pohl
    Jonny Depp
    And Hunter s. Thompson

    But of I could only pick one I think I would choose either Marilyn Manson or Chris Pohl.
  5. Marilyn Monroe....while she is naked and begging for me to fuck the shit out of her. :cool:
  6. John Lennon
  7. alexander the great
  8. Leonardo of the ninja turtles
  9. Ben Franklin:smoke:
    Immortal Technique

    And deff Mila Kunis :D

  10. I'm with you there on Ben Franklin. I'd Like to get all the founding fathers and pass around a fat joint rolled in hemp paper
  11. louis ck

    and maybe like socrates or some shit
  12. Marilyn Manson. RuPaul (yea I said it). Roseanne Barr
  13. Obama
    The weeknd
    Arnold from hey Arnold
  14. Lolz. Jeezus uhh wesley snipes, mattstone n trey parker:D serj tankian bill clinton
  15. Joe Rogan, I have a feeling he would blow my mind.
  16. seth green, macaulay culkin, seth rogen, eminem, too many others to name.
  17. Katt Williams lol
  18. If I would be permitted to bring a hooker along, definitely that ShamWow guy.

    If not, I think it'd be a blast to sesh with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  19. if I had to choose one person, it'd probably be Billy Corgan since he's my favorite songwriter.

    I just think how awesome it would be to smoke with any of my top musicians and then just chill and play some music

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