Smoke up yer pets

Discussion in 'Pets' started by tommyboy6001, May 29, 2006.

  1. My cat is in heat and annoying the shit out of me so I scraped a resin bowl and smoked her up I hope that helps
  2. Lol....I remember when one of my cats would get in heat all we had to do was meow and she would quickly throw her butt up in the air. We did it all day long...never got old. I may have to get my dog high with me one time
  3. LMAO i just tried that it works every time haha
  4. easy wasy to train your dog to pick put weed, so just get a bong or pipe or whatever you smoke with and smoke up your doggie, blow some hits in his face get him high, real high, do this a ciuple of times, then when you come home from smoking your dog will wmell it and want you smoke it out again, and it will probably try to get the weed out of your pocket, and be really nosey and trying to get the weed out, then when your friends come over with weed your dog will jump on them cause he smells the weed, so thats an easy way to find out if your friends have weed on them when they come into your house

  5. haha dude genius idea i love you
  6. Uhh....
  7. my buddy got my brothers dog hooked on coke, the dog, which was a pitbull pulled a gram out of his show and ate it, yeah weird the coke was worth more than the dog
  8. Haha, all my animals know when I have chronic or have been smoking
    But one time, me and 4 friends were smoking 3 blunts(ounce of nug) and put his kitten in a big box, the kitten had full opportunity to leave the box when it wanted to, never left, got the cat so high, that when we took it out of the box and moved it over and turned it over so the cat couldnt get in it, it ran over and climbed all over it trying to get back in, and all we say, was that the cat was definitley thinking "This box is crazy, it got me high and I NEED to get back in"
  9. haha thats sweet
  10. Lol. My older sister has ferrets. My friends and I used to smoke them out. We'd pull out the pipe and start smoking and theyd come over and sniff it and stuff. They just turned plain retarded. Theyd run in to things and fall off shit. Funny stuff. They are insanely flexible. Youd pick the up by the bottom half and their front half would fold over right on top of their stomach.
  11. I used to blow smoke in my dog's face. he hated it, but after a while he would just go to sleep. Heh.
  12. hahahah my friends dogs would always come in the room when we were blazin in his house and when wed blow the smoke out hed like bite at it trying to eat it, funny shit and like we were about to sleep one night and the ddog was like dazed on the couch so my friend goes JACK MOVE and jack (the dog) looks at him, yawns, and then goes back to sleep it was the funniset thing ever.
  13. Hey kiddies, uncool to get a defenseless animal stoned. Especially uncool to try coke and other things that could actually harm your pet. Smoking MJ ultimately is bad for you, but that is a choice we all make of free will. Not something that should be forced on your pet.
  14. dude your dogs a burnout
  15. Like toasty says, seriously not a good idea, my Springer stole & ate a bag of weed when he was a small pup. Wasted him out for 3 days. Poor thing is 5 yrs old now, still nervy as hell, damn near incontinent and thick as pigshit. Have a heart, dont do this voluntarily to your pets.
  16. haha, funny topic, back when I blazed it and my dog was in the house, I'd always have him chill in my room and hotbox it like mad, dog was laid back as hell :smoking:
  17. haha, i figured a post like this would appear. funny thing is that by the sound of it, most if not all of these stories involve the pet choosing or even seeking out drugs. sounds to me like the "defenseless animals" aren't really having anything forced on them (most of the time).

    edit: but i do agree that it shouldn't be forced on them
  18. Man, I have this friend who used to have this pit bull. And everytime everyone was over at his house wed all sit in his living room and pass the peice around. And his dog would sit right in front of whoever had it and let them blow it in his face. Hed sit in front of everyone till we were done. It was especially cool when we'd hit the bong. That dog musta got so ripped.

    My cats love that shit. The sit in the room with me and I just blow the smoke in their general direction. Then they walk around and jump 2 feet in the air at a shadow on the wall.:smoking:

    "haha, i figured a post like this would appear."
    Yeah dude I started a post like this quite a few months back too.
  19. I've smoked out my dog ... the cat never liked it.

    But like someone else said you do have to be careful with that ... I had a friend who smoked up her dog all the time. Her boyfriend came over with a half and set it on the kitchen table so he could go in her room and get the bong ... long story short When he came back the dog was on the table and had eaten all of it ... that had to suck
  20. Yea my buddy smoked his parrot up and it was bad news. The damn thing went crazy. Screeching, and tryin to fly out of the cage. We never did it again. lol

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