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"Smoke up" vs. "Smoke out"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by the color green, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. There is a difference between these two terms, right?

    I've always understood, smoking someone up means you provide weed and get them high all on your money, as a kind thing to do like "yo I'll smoke you up."

    But smoking someone out, I've always thought of as more of a "competition," like "I'll be able to take in a larger amount of weed smoke before inevitably falling asleep on the couch" or "I'll smoke you under the table."

    Do you use the terms interchangeably or do you have a distinction as well?

  2. Around here I have only heard the term smoke out used when you provide the weed for the session.
  3. It's the same thing, well around here it is.
  4. You've got it right for the smoking up part. To tell you the truth ive never heard "smoking out". Ive heard "i bet i could out smoke you" but never the other one...

    There be my 2 cent
  5. i've never heard anyone use smoke up in any form

    ive heard of smoking someone out but i usually go with "ill spark you up"
  6. Where I'm at in Florida no one says smoke up. It's always smoke out when providing weed for a session.
  7. around here they both mean the same.
  8. not real sure but to me
    smoke up: they provide weed right then and there
    smoke out: smoke with later

    "Yo dude, I'm all out."
    "No big, I'll smoke you up."
    "Thanks man, I'll smoke you out tomorrow."

    Kinda like that I guess but it doesnt have to fit into conversations like that.
    IDK, someone else weigh in.
  9. we say "ima smoke you out" if were bein friendly and supplyin the session

    ... but i understand your interpretation of 'out smoking'
    ... but never used 'smoke up'?

  10. I've never heard smoke up before. But this seems legit.

    We say smoke out here in the 206, and it just means letting someone get high with you.

  11. Haha this is funny like half the people have heard smoke out and the other half smoke up. Its seems to me its like south says smoke out and north says smoke up. Im in RI and I never heard smoke out, only smoke up, when you provide weed "I ll smoke you up"
  12. Around here nobody says anything but smoke down, so if I were to smoke you down I would be providing the weed. If I said I'll smoke you out most people around here would probably take that to mean we are gonna smoke a ton, or at least that's what I would think.
  13. Yea thats wehat i originally thought smoked out was, LIke I thought it was bad thing like "Im gunna smok you out" I thought meant like im gunna smoke all ur weed haha.

    Its funny how different areas got such different lingo
  14. In the NoVA area where im from the difference is

    "Yo you tryin to go smoke up" - You and your buddies, all throw down a small amount to get everyone high.

    "Yo, (insert name here) just hit me up, said we could roll thru and he'd smoke us out" - When someone offers to smoke you out, its almost always with THERE weed not your own.
  15. When I have weed I tell people "ill smoke u up"

    when they have weed I say "smoke me out"
  16. Smoke up usually means smoke

    Smoke OUT usually means hotbox somewhere.. at least with us.

    "Lets smoke out________" haha- theres an example for you/
  17. Never heard of a difference

    "Hey man lets smoke up" (I've never said this) but if someone said it to me it'd just be let's go smoke.

    "Hey if you pick me up from this girl's house who I just found out had an angry boyfriend and I'll smoke you out" (Happened last night, those are my words)
  18. We don't say smoke up here, we say light up and it means they got the weed. Like "I'll light you'll up."

    Smoke out to me means someone is all smoked out like they're really high.
  19. damn i never realized how many different meanings there is for these two phrases
  20. where i live we always say smoke down but i guess most other people say smoke up:confused:

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