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smoke tricks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aap23, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. couldnt find anything on this topic I think most experienced smokers can do one or a few tricks but whats your favorite. mines probably ghosting or french inhale and a combination of the two. anyone know any others besides smoke rings. pics too

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  2. I love french inhaling but I can't do it lol
  3. it takes practice. you gotta open your mouth just a little and slowly push the smoke out with your tongue

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  4. I'll put up pics when I'm not alone cuz it's kinda hard to do without fucking up but if i have a friend take pics I can blow rings through each other going from big to small and make a heart shaped ring. Pics up probably tomorrow.
  5. Hell yeah I haven't seen that my friend can sometimes get one ring thru another one I can do a bunch of little ones by tapping my cheek but u can only do it if u don't inhale so I only do it with cigarettes
  6. i can just do mad O's of varying shape and speed..i always shoot rings through each other by accident too but i cant do it on command lol. but no ghost or french inhale or anything. i usually never do tricks with weed smoke though.
  7. Yeah smoke tricks are cool but after you get over being "such a badass" in high school but I only like doing them with hookahs and cigars only because I think it wastes a tiny bit of thc to do proper O's and stuff, unless there are females in the room then it's on :smoke:
  8. I dont think it has anything to do with being a badass but amusing yourself. smoke is one of my favorite things to look at and most of the time I smoke alone anyways sooo. but I get what your saying
  9. I like smoke rings, can't perfect them though. The majority of people on grass city seem to think that to do rings you don't inhale... lol.
  10. Yeah I don't get that. I blow smoke rings all the time after inhaling. When I'm ready to exhale I hold it in my throat and blow smoke rings.
  11. Me and my buddies LOVE kill hits and smoke rings

  12. They look a lot better if you don't inhale
  13. I can do rings and french inhales, that's about it haha.

    I did make a rubber duck awhile back, and I was pretty fucking proud of it. :D


    (excuse me looking like shit, it was a wake n bake)
  14. ^^^ Hahahah I see the duck!!

    I love blowin O's. Nothing better than getting the perfect circle!

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