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Smoke Tricks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Skyed, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. So do you guys like to do smoke tricks?

    I found this a while ago, and I REALLY REALLY want to learn how to do it.

    Fat 1 Hitter Keif Hit - YouTube


    Go to 2:21.

    Anyone know how to do this? If so would you give me some tips?
  2. I thought weed smoke was too thin coming out of the lungs to do tricks with?
  3. You don't inhale it into your lungs, just your mouth; let the smoke come out of your mouth, then re-inhale.
  4. actually real easy, i do it every hit i take(except with bowls) just out of habbit.

    You inhale like normal, or with your tongue on the top of the mouth, but upon exhale make you're mouth into a ball shape. and timing it correctly snap your tongue from the top the the bottom of your mouth. If you do it correctly you will have a ball. takes a little practice, u might not get perfect balls ur first few times, but once u get the technique you'll learn it in no time.

    edit:Idk what they are talking about^
    But you should be able to fully take a hit, which means it can enter your lungs.

  5. ditto. unless you just cage in the smoke in your mouth... without inhaling.
  6. Either way works, probably going to be easier for the n00bs to "cage it in their mouths." bowchica bowow
  7. I suppose that you could just re-inhale it. Feels kind of wasteful to risk a giant bong hit, maybe I'm just a poor stoner :D
  8. You just keep it in your mouth then push it out with your cheaks slowly. I thought everyone knew how to do this.
  9. You're not alone ):
  10. You can't really do smoke tricks with bowls or bongs because you inhale the smoke directly into your lungs. But if you're smoking a blunt, joint, or one-hitter just pull the smoke into your mouth, open your mouth, and give a little "puff", then when you see the smoke you inhale fully. It takes some practice but its not hard.

  11. Are you from illinois?
  12. I have friends who kill for smoke tricks.
    Nothing about them appeals to me.
    I have friends that get real pissed when they do a trick wrong. It's not cool, it's lame and why focus your energy on a stupid smoke ring?

  13. Because sometimes just blowing out a bunch of smoke is not fun. It's fun to play with the stuff that comes out of your mouth ;)

    You pervert.
  14. Because... Smoke rings are fun... Why bother trying to cloud burst when deep down you know you're not telekinetic?
  15. Meh... i know ppl who do a french inhale ...they do the same thing but inhale through their nose. I think its gay...but to each their own
  16. How the.. I hope you don't literally mean it reminds you of homosexuals when you see people do it.

    "You look like Richard Simons every time you french inhale, dude."

  17. I've tried that.. can't do it. I don't think it looks cool at all though really.
  18. I do smoke ticks when I'm at the hookah bar, that's about it...

  19. Nope kansas.
  20. Marijuana smoke is PERFECT for doing tricks with, it's quite easy to do the "trick" that he did. You toke the one hitter/joint and don't fully inhale the smoke leaving some in your mouth, then you open your mouth let it out and inhale it again.

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