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Smoke tricks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Kipohippo, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. How do i do? :smoke:
  2. depends which one you wanna learn
    smoke rings are the easiest.
  3. Smoke Rings O O O ..
  4. You can do smoke clouds, i guess you'd call em that. But if your hitting a bowl, joint, or blunt. Inhale with your mouth, not your lungs, keep the smoke in your mouth for about a second, open your mouth like your going to whistle, let the smoke come out. Just a little bit tho, dont even exhale, let the smoke come out of your mouth. Kind of like guide it with your tongue if that makes sense lol. If you do it right it'll look like you just blew a bubble, but of smoke, and just inhale it after you let it come out of your mouth. It looks cool, fun to do, and its just a better way to smoke. Easier said then done tho lol, took me a few weeks to master this back in the day. :smoke:
  5. Make sure you get a nice hit and have the smoke stay in your mouth (keep your cheeks closed as much as you can). Then you need to learn to shape your mouth and curl your tongue in a way. Personally I enjoy the french inhale better just let the smoke come out and breath in with your nose easy and simple.
  6. roll a blunt to practice them, and your best off just seeing people do smoke tricks then trying to mimic them takes time and practice though

    i do really good ghosts and french inhales, my rings are hit and miss
  7. people trying to do smoke tricks every hit is annoying, once in a while its cool, but don't do it often..
  8. Dont do it with bud..your just waisting it. If you wanna learn then practice with hookuh or a cig.
  9. Go to youtube.com and search how to do smoke tricks
  10. Dont do it with bud it a waste if you want to do tricks get a hookah it's easier cuz you get thicker smoke and who cares if you waist tobbaco
  11. Just curious, how exactly does it waste weed if it's done right?
  12. Well think bout it ur not inhaling all the smoke cuz when you do a trick your losing atlases 10% of the smoke unless you inhale it first then do the trick but the smoke won't be as thick so the trick wont look as good it's elementary my dear watson
  13. my trick involves loading the bowl, burning the greens and getting pleasantly elevated. the tricks are what happens after.
  14. you can blow 0's , french inhale, ghosts... thats all i know, but i wouldnt say to practice with green , cause your going to mess up , and 0's waste tree , so just practice with a cigar or something. imo.. but its up to you man
  15. I don't know. If it's a french inhale I don't think you're losing anything really. The O's and exhale-inhale you might be losing smoke though. Either way, I don't do any of them. Too fancy for me. :smoke:
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    Same here man, the french inhale has just become a natural part of my hit now. dunno why, I just think it's fun. also funny how some of my friends think it's so hard. (really easy once you figure it out) but I can get the occasional ring if I try for a bit with good wind conditions
  17. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0sQqNcovQU[/ame]

    You should check that video out just to see what you can do. The guy says he's smoking black and milds, but kinda hard to believe. The best tricks for sure are done with weed like a joint or a blunt because you can get the smoke real thick, but hookah's the best way to practice.
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    I don't do smoke tricks, in my personal opinion, its a waste of money. Just inhale and continue smoking. Sometimes I smoke with this guy who EVERY SINGLE time he takes a hit, he lets the smoke linger then inhales it..its kind of annoying. Do smoke tricks with cigars or something you don't inhale.
  19. Smoke rings are badass and simple

    Cloud 9 is simple too and pretty cool looking, depending how well you can do it

    The only other smoke trick I can think of that's done often is a french inhale, which i can't do

  20. He's definitely smoking black and milds, you can tell by the style and the tip at the end. Although it would be even more G if he emptied out the cancer and put some bud in there instead

    After just coming back from the hookah bar I can wholeheartedly agree that hookah is the best way to practice

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