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Smoke Tricks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by xCelticWolfx, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]Mushroom... Any toppers?
  2. All I see is a cloud of smoke.
  3. I love doing smoke tricks, but that looks like a cloud of smoke lol..if it's suppose to be something, then that's...really..sloppy lol.
  4. what the hell is that?
  5. #5 pinball wizard, Aug 30, 2009
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    Looks like a cloud to me, I think I see what you're talking about, but it doesn't look intentional:p

    *edit* I mean, if you're making shit up about what you see in your smoke, isn't that a spade (like from the card suite) right above the shroom? :p
  6. #6 xCelticWolfx, Aug 31, 2009
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    Epic fail.

    I was really stoned when I made this thread... :p

    My bad. I think I see a shroom, lemme get the photoshop out and trace it for you.

    And no, it wasn't intentional, just cool looking. Kinda.

    It looked a lot better last night! :]

  7. nice lol
  8. Yeah I would be telling people that you meant to make the spade not the shroom lol
  9. :D This made me lol big time. Keep practicing!! :smoke:
  10. Haha did you mean to do this or was it by chance?
  11. i see a sad smurf. hahaha..
  12. A cloud of smoke, I thought that was explained already:rolleyes:
  13. hey yeah i can do that trick too...its called exhaling
  14. not impressed... can you do Os?
  15. my trick list is good considering i don't smoke anything but weed

    i can shoot a little O through a big O
    i can do the best french inhale possible
    and i can do a good cloud that i suck all back in

    toot toot (thats my own horn)
  16. yea thats not even a trick anymore for me, just a regular thing to do

    im working on my O's
  17. Smoke tricks I can currently pull off:
    Rings (Os)
    Snaps (thick cloud of smoke comes out then instantly back in, without losing any of the smoke in the air.)
    French Inhales (out the mouth and in the nose!)

    And I can mix all 3, as well. Been doing tricks for almost 3 years (it'll be the 3rd year this year), smoking for almost 6. I used to have mad videos up on youtube by this user name, but I took them all off cause I didn't feel like having a relative accidentally browse the tube and find me on it. I didn't make any means to cover my face, but you could never actually see what i was smoking out of the bowl, it was already blackened when I started recording. I could put more up, but I moved into my new apartment a few months ago and I just haven't felt like it. Dunno. Tricks are really fucking fun, Os come out really good with shisha too.

    Anyone ever try blowing two rings out each side of your mouth? You have to make a really stupid formation with your lips, but think about it. It's pretty hard :hello:
  18. I can blow circles, French inhale, ghost hit, and I am working on blowing two smoke circles at the same time. :hello::smoke:
  19. I do this crazy trick where I inhale all the smoke, and then I let it all out. Been working on it for a lot of years now.

  20. LOl! Teach me! I can turn the blunt backwards and shotgun it to myself in my mouth. Burn my tongue occasionally though :smoke:

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