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Smoke Tricks?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nyxierawr, May 27, 2013.

  1. Anyone here into doing smoke tricks?
    I love blowing rings
  2. IMO smoke tricks with weed are a waste the smoke isn't really thick enough unless you take it in you mouth which is lame as shit and wasteful as hell. But I do enjoy the occasional hookah sesh and then smoke tricks are fun.
    You are trippin. Weed smoke is the best smoke, in my opinion, to do tricks with, especially O's. My O's float for DAYYYS when I blow them with weed smoke. I do agree it is a waste of weed which is why I usually only do them when I am already loaded as fuck.
  4. Yeah, I get that, but to be honest if you take a fat enough bong hit you can blow some pretty solid O's. I do it as a matter of course when smoking from a bong. I also enjoy blowing an O through a cloud of smoke from whoever I'm smoking with and watch it pop out the other side
  5. Little everyone knows, thc is obsorbed withen the first few seconds of contact with your mouth. I love playing with my smoke. French inhales, smoke rings, ghost hits, waterfalls its all a bonus to blazing and being medicated
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  7. Nonono thc isn't obsorbed through your mouth it is obsorbed through your lungs that's why some first timers don't get high because they don't take the smoke into their mouths. When you take a hit, the smoke is noticeably thinner and has less sustenance if you properly take it into your lungs, which makes it near impossible to do smoke tricks
  8. I light bongs with my fart gas and a butane cig lighter.
  9. Whatever you say :rolleyes:
  10. the rare occasions i'm actually toking inside a house, at my mates or w/e I ghost inhale my spliffs 24/7 it just hits you so much harder. luv it
  11. Nah, I hate doing smoke tricks. It's such a waste. If you deeply inhale it to get the most out of your weed like I do (and you should), then the smoke is too thin when it comes out to really do anything with it. But some people like doing tricks, I'm fine with that. Whatever makes you happy, but I'm going to laugh at you when you're asking me for bud in a couple minutes.
  12. Ill smoke a huge cone an when i blow out the smoke i can hardly see it so i find it difficult to do them

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  13. French inhale anyone?
  14. Smoke is also absorbed through your gums in your mouth. It's slower, but works. Cigar smokers can enjoy nicotine without ever inhaling, which you're not supposed to do.
    If you're doing tricks for a bit, like 7 seconds or more, a good amount will absorb. Lungs require 5-7 seconds to absorb 90%+ of the cannabinoids from the smoke, I'd imagine mouth would be closer to 20.

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