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Smoke to Sleep

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420Hazo, May 31, 2009.

  1. I did this last night, i had work in the morning (which i found out that i actually didn't, my boss called and said i didn't have to work) but i didn't know that last night. so i couldn't fall asleep and i knew i needed rest. but i couldn't sleep...for 2 or so hours i was trying to fall asleep, so i think...hmm i got a fat nug sitting in the jar. my bowl over there.....i'm gunna smoke to sleep.

    thats what i did, i smoked not for the high, but to fall asleep.

    the solution: i fell asleep in 5 minutes literally.

    Just wanted to say that, any you guys do that sometimes?
  2. Of course. I mainly use a low dosage of potent indicas to help me get to sleep. The only time I get sleepy effects from sativas are during the come-down. It makes sleeping so wonderful; The bed is more comfortable, and your mind is at ease.

    However I don't recommend doing this on a daily basis for a long time because you may eventually need it to go to sleep, and that is never fun. ;)
  3. yea I've done that before, but 3 hours later I sometimes wake up out of a dead sleep with a moment of clarity. It's freaky and cool at the same time.
  4. I use to smoke to sleep all the time... Usually just pack half a bowl or so take a few rips and be good.. But I wouldn't recommend it. It's a total waste of your weed I wont lie.
  5. ive been smoking to sleep for awhile now, best sleep IMO...
  6. i've done this everyday for months because i was an insomniac and needed to smoke myself to sleep in order to sleep.

    it fucks up your dream recall.....i didnt remember 1 dream during that time period, and started remembering when i stopped smoking, but that was after it took me 4 hours to go to sleep :(

    tolerance breaks suck
  7. I don't mind smoking to sleep, at all. If I have something important to do the next day and need a good night sleep, smoking usually does the trick.
  8. Yea, I use it to go to sleep sometimes, but if you smoke sativas it'll just make you think alot and not fall asleep, unless you smoke a lot a lot
  9. I use about 2 times per week in order to get a good nights sleep, the weekends are purely for fun. This is the reason i started smoking again about 5 years ago. I was having problems sleeping so I went of to the doctors. i was prescribed tamazipan, The first night i tried it, i woke up the next morning and felt horrible, all groggy and felt drug fucked, that was the first and only time i have used these shitty pharma's. Weed has virtually no side effects compared to this man made shit. I think it works by stopping me thinking about the trival dat to day shit that goes on while i'm trying to fall asleep. Surprisingly, when i next went to the doctor, i told him this story and he just grinned. To bad we don't have medical marijuana here in Australia, i'm sure it would benefit many people.
  10. If I try to smoke before going to sleep and it's my first hit of the day I will feel so manic and energized and full of ideas that I will stay up for a few hours fucking around being high.

    If I've been smoking since 3 pm and have a bowl before bed then yeah.

    But most of the time I can't smoke only to fall asleep.
  11. only problem for me with smoking to sleep (which i do about 90% of my life lol), or rather going to bed high, is that the next morning i find it very difficult to wake up.... not impossible, just my eyelids are noticeably heavier than when i don't. When i refrain and go to bed sober or even drunk i wake up usually sometime between 9 and 10 am. This morning was a prime example... went to sleep a bit drunk and burnt... woke up at 8:20 am and couldn't go back to sleep lol.
  12. Yes that's me, but I always have weed so there are no consequences......yet. :smoking:
  13. i love doing it. i used to have trouble sleeping before i started smoking but now its not even an effort
  14. I've smoked to sleep every night for I don't know how long. On the nights when I don't have any available to me, I'm lucky if I get to sleep at all. It's worth it, though. High sleeps are so comfy.
  15. I smoke almost every night before i sleep. helps me get to sleep, and i sleep really good when im high. I usually have crazy dreams when i blaze than sleep
  16. all the time i love smoking b4 bed time
  17. Here is what i do. Right when i get ready for bed I load up my bowl and pick it and a lighter under my pillow. Once I'm good to get in bed i grab it, take a few puffs and put it back under my pillow just in case i need it again later :smoking:. Its James Bond steez.

  18. yeah, thats why i did this one time only :p but i agree it might be a waste of weed, unless you really need it. like you medicl guys
  19. I smoke to slepp just about every night, but if I don't have bud one night it'll just take me an hour to sleep, which isn't TOO bad. Medical marijuana is often used to help insomnia.

    Also, I usually listen to music and surf the city for like 15 minutes before bed. A very nice way to ease myself to sleep.

    It's not a waste at all.

  20. well I try not to smoke then just go to bed, kind of a waste of high, I will usually smoke my last bowl of the day 30 mins before i go to bed

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