Smoke to much?

Discussion in 'General' started by anarkin, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. The doctors called me in for an emergancy appointment on Monday, I posted about it the day it happened and my concerns of what they wanted. As it ends up, they just wanted to drag my ass 2 hours away at 8 in the morning to tell me they think I smoke to much. He said something about hemoglobin(sp?) levels being high and my body getting more oxygen than it needs. I smoke maybe a cig every 2 weeks at work, so it can't be from that... so I'm starting to wonder, do I smoke to much weed?

    I usually burn through an ounce in a week, and take random 2-5 tolerance breaks every now and then.

    I'm not really too afraid, as he couldn't tell me anything negative about the problem, I made a point to ask him just to be safe. I never considered myself a "heavy" user of cannabis, is an ounce a week to much?
  2. is it reg, mids, or dank?

    i can easily go through a half O of reg or low mids a week and i'm nowhere near a heavy user.

    an O of dank a week is a bit much, i think
  3. It depends, I used to smoke an o a week of like beasters/headies.. not anymore just cause I can't afford that shit, but the way I look at it is if you still do all the things you gotta do, work, school, whatever than you're fine :)
  4. It's ussually dank, and Canadaian prices make it easy to afford. It's in no way affecting anything poorly, I would have stopped by now if it was. I don't even need to get high, I just choose to get stoned almost every day, my tolerance breaks can happen in the middle of a bag, I'll just decide it's time for a break and not even have a problem.

    Also: The doctor said that because of the increased oxygen I would have amazing endurance if I wasn't smoking, does anyone know if it could be a permanant or will it just go away if I stop smoking?
  5. start vaping :p
  6. reminds me of this:
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