Smoke This Recession

Discussion in 'Politics' started by the baumer, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. we all know legalizing marijuana would be good, it's those fat cats in office that don't care even if it's a national opinion (majority rules?)
  2. Opportunist.

  3. Gov likes to kill any opportunist. ;)
  4. [ame=""]YouTube - New Politics: Anti-Hillary, Pro-Pot, Pro-Gun[/ame]

    This made me think of that article.
  5. But, but...if we do that, this nation will turn into one of addicts...zombies caring only about getting their next fix.

    And then the problem we will have with harder drugs...THE SLIPPERY SLOPE
  6. OR

    Drugs will continue to be illegal because the big drug cartels can't be bothered with laws and regulations. These people are moving enough drugs to satisfy the entire world (think about that for a minute), but not one major drug cartel bust has happened, ever. We don't even care about what our own government does with drugs like cocaine.

  7. Uhh the Medellin Cartel?

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