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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Androo, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. my new years went as so... smoked 4 grams, mmm delicious, then took 4 vicadin i forget what mg but whatever than i drink half a bottle of vodka and then smoke 2 more grams and then drink some more, i dont have a fucking clue what happened cept i through up something nasty in the morning, it was like smooth orange goupy shit. share your storys!
  2. Daaaaaaamn, you musta been zonked!!!

    Btw, there's already a whole section of the forums related to stories in the "chill out zone" .... thing...
  3. Moved to real life stories
  4. New years.. smoked about 10 grams in three blunts and drank a bottle of some jose with a friend.. then smoked about another 6 grams in two more blunts.. and finally passed out on the couch. Morning after.. 0% hangover, but 100% body soreness from sleeping on the couch. Good times..
  5. new years...all i know is a drank an entire bottle of vodka...and thats all i know...i somehow ened up sleeping in my own bed when i woke up...which actually scared me, cuz i had no clue how i made it from the basement up to my room
  6. I smoked 4 one hitters, and stared at the sky, and went ot bed in peace.

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