Smoke stain on the wall while landlord is doing random inspections?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by goaskalice1, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Ok, so I've been learning a couple hard lessons these past 24 hours.

    1) Smoking indoors can stain walls and ceilings. (still kicking myself for my blissful ignorance.)

    2) My ionizer+ozium+staying away from vents system isn't cutting it because my neighbors are still complaining

    3) Smoking regularly in non-smoking apartments is not. worth. the risk.

    Because it's been a loooonng time since I've been this petrified.

    Anyway, my landlord sent us a notice explaining that several residents had been complaining of smoke smell and that random inspections were going to be conducted in each apartment in the building.

    I know I'm not the only pot smoker in these apartments. It's common for me to smell weed coming from my vents and two other residents have mentioned their weed use to me (However, I never mention my own use)

    I deep cleaned everything in my apartment, and gave my weed to my boyfriend, so the smell will not be a problem. The only obstacle is the smoke stain right above the door frame on the inside of my closet. It's faint, but just yellow enough that you'll see it if you're looking for it, and once you see it, you notice the blotchiness, and how it extends to every wall in the closet.

    As of now, any efforts to remove this stain have been unsuccessful. I've only succeded in fading it a little and putting my dominant hand out of order for the next couple days. For the time being I just reorganized the closet so that my junk blocks the yellow patches, and screwed in a lightbulb with warmer light, making the stain harder to see.

    Methods attempted:

    Water&white vinegar+cloth

    Water&white vinegar+magic eraser

    Water&white vinegar&baking soda+googone+sponges+cloth+magic eraser (I pretty much threw everything I had at it at this point)

    Time: 3hrs (maybe I didn't go at it for long enough?)

    If and/or when my landlord notices this stain, what can I expect? Also, if you have any other suggestions for removing the stain I'd be happy to hear them!

    If you've read this far thank you!
  2. Never heard of that happening but just try to clean it as well as you can. Maybe bleach would work idk. Your landlord's a bitch though.

  3. Why can't you just paint over the stain :confused_2:
  4. If its not too late try these they work on a lot of things
    We use them all the time
  5. Turn it around and tell your landlord water's leaking that's how the stain got there. Then let him fix it lol
  6. Paint the ceiling and smoke outside. Your being an asshole to your neighbors.
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  7. +1 on painting. Inside a closet should just take a small can and be really quick to do.

    If you are going to keep smoking inside, smoke near and extraction fan if you have one (oven/bathroom fan) to get the smoke outside. Or get a vaporizer (or both)

    If your neighbors are making complaints about smell, maybe take a walk to smoke out of respect for them.
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