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smoke some bud before the plant is done flowering?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by aabbcc, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. 2 weeks until im done with flowering but i was wondering if its possible to smoke some buds before i harvest? if so, is it safe? also how would i go about doing that?
  2. Perfectly safe man just take a small clipping off, and either pack yourself a bong or something and smoke it or do a little drying/curing action then smoke. Either way it's not going to be totally potent the final product since your still 2 weeks from harvest but it's a good test. Enjoy and take pics! :)
  3. awesome, thanks man.

    should i clip a bud or two from the bottom or top? also i last used nutes about a week ago is it safe to smoke?

    any quick dry methods that doesnt involve an oven or microwave? hair dryer perhaps?
  4. Why do all these newbies have to have a quick fix?

    It only takes a week to dry bud slowly and properly.
  5. ^^^ cut em a brake dude! there is absolutley NOTHING wrong with taking a sample to taste the fruit of your labors a bit early. i do, everybody i know who grows does too. i'm not saying take 1/4 of your harvest early but a nug or two as a preview of what's to come is always nice. plus you take a puff or two and see how tasty and stony it is picked early and dried fast it'll stoke you for how dank it'll be when ripe.
  6. No quick drying. Let it dry for a day or two, sitting in a container in a cool/warm place then have her smoked. I'd just say bottom its mostly the same plus you don't wanna ruin your big top cola's i'd keep those growing til harvest! :)
  7. Hey, ISTAND, for heaven´s sake actually READ what has been said before you jump down people´s throats. I quite agree, nothing wrong with taking an early sample, but for fuck´s sake dry it slowly and properly, don´t ruin it with microwaves or hairdryers.
  8. I agree spanishfly, if your looking for a preview, no quick dry will give you one. what you will get with quick drying is a diminished buzz and a ragged out throat. I speak from experience, I've tried them all. On the other hand they wouldn't be newbees if they didn't try and he atleast done something right, hes got bud and he asked first. Cudos to you aabbcc.

    Now for the best quick dry method: non really.
  9. on my first grow i cut off a nice sized bud and wanted to smoke it. I threw it in a paper bag and put the bag in the dryer and let it run for like an hour. It obviously wasn't that great, but the smoke wasn't harsh at all and i got pretty high. You should try that methinks!
  10. Seems like everyone has provided some good advice although many are acting like little bitches, sensitive.

    As for my input, clipping a bud or two is no problem at all, heck SWIM has already clipped off a whole branch (lower branch) with no ill effects to the plant. As long as you're not a butcher about it (also use a clean blade).

    There are several quick-dry methods available, they are not recommended for the whole harvest but perfect for a quick fix. Place the bud(s) in a piece of foil, close it up and place over anyhting that produces heat such as a light bulb, TV, your monitor etc.
    After a few hours (from 2-6 hrs), you will end up with a perfectly smokeable bud. Now remember, this is ONLY a quick-fix!!!
  11. But truefully, Nirvanas-Papaya, would you consider any of these methods as a good preview. I mean if your out of bud and don't want to buy anymore, I guess it would be better than no buzz at all. I know I'm dying to try mine out but from past experience, I'll wait, until they are dried and cured as I got lots of bud to smoke. As for the tumble dryer method, dam dude, your nocking all the trichomes off, trichs = thc = buzz.

    Peace out aabbcc, have fun no matter what and just think of how good it will be to have really good bud.
  13. I do all the popcorn nugs i cut in the oven at around 180 F. Then again, i cut almost everything except my top colas.

    If you aren't going to cure your little quick fix I don't agree at all with "properly" drying the bud, it is a waste of time for a smoke that will only be slightly harsher (oven drying under 200 F ftw, don't kill it with anything you can't control the temps of)

    Happy smoking man.

  14. Hey Chimera, I was hoping that when I wrote "they are not recommended for the whole harvest but perfect for a quick fix" people would get the point! I agree with you that it's not perfect but everyone has done it. I mean, come on dude, don't tell me you never smoked a small bud before harvest? Not all of us can grow pounds of this stuff ya know.
  15. I see the GREAT DEFENDER is at it again.

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