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smoke shop too expensive?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ohyeahsonn, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. well i've only been to one smokeshop in my life. that was about 2 weeks ago.

    the cheapest piece was a onehitter "cigarette" (5$)
    i didnt have a lot of money to blow but i wanted something little.
    the cheapest bowl was $10 and it was shorter than my pinky.
    the cheapest normal sized bowl was 25, and went up from there.

    i know my cousin got a nice plain curving glass pipe for 7 and it was multicolored too. (transparent to blue)

    im not sure if he just got an amazing deal, or if im getting completely ripped off. any ideas?
  2. .... anyone?
  3. those prices arent too crazy, pretty standard based on what i've seen. looks like he just got a good deal
  4. thanks, ++++rep though
  5. Yeah, those seem pretty standard for me, although most shops will have cheapo pipes also for about $15. Try a cigarette store, they usually have some cheaper pieces.
  6. dont spend that much for a p-i
    you can find head shops with way better prices. And since there usually privately owned you can bargain with the owner and get to know him in order to get better deals. Be like, " oh these are some bad ass pipes, but i only got 11 bucks and i want to buy bud. You think you would sell me that 11 dollar pipe for 6, ect.
  7. You could ask your friends if they have any pipes they'd be willing to sell. Just make sure you clean it when you get one, and don't let anybody rip you off.
  8. I paid 15 tues night for my all clear pipe. About 6 in long.
  9. talk to the owners and the ppl who work there, besides just asking about buying stuff. go in one day and look at stuff and bullshit with them for a bit, then come in another day when youre more serious about buying. at the shop i always used to go to id bring in other ppl and talk to the owner and id get free cases and containers with every purchase and papers a lot too.

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