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  1. im trying to come up with an awesome rap playlist to chill to while smoking and chillin'

    so far i got
    smokin on purple-lil boosie
    smoke that kush-lil wayne

    i know some bone thugz and some cypress hill have some cool weed songs

    anyone else got any ideas?
  2. ya im a boosie fan..he comes around here often

    Lil Boosie & Webbie:
    I Miss U
    I Know
    Pick Her Up
    I Remember
    Real Slow
    Time Could Be Next
    Same Ol Shit
    Meal Ticket
    Henney And Ice
    Gangsta Muzik
    We Gonna Ride On Them

    Lil Wayne:
    President feat. Currency
    Birds Flyin High
    I Got
    Apologize Remix

    Some random ill songs:
    Trill Fam - Same Ol Shit
    Lava House - Livin a dream
    Snoop Dogg - It Blows My Mind
    Lil Flip - Im So Gone
    Redman - Blow Treez
    Daz - Money On My Mind
    Kurupt - C-Walk
    Marco Polo - Go Around
    Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth
    Mobb Deep - Shook Ones ptII
    Young Jeezt - Hypnotize(if you have a sub or decent bass this is raw)

    Three 6 Mafia:
    Where is the bud
    Pass Dat Shit
    Im So Hi
    Take Bump
    Weed Is Got Me High

    Project Pat:
    Smokin Out
    So High
    Purple ft Beanie Sigel
    Smoke and get high
    Out There
    That Drank
    Up There

    Bone Thugs:
    Thugish Rugish Bone
    Weed Song
    Fried Day
    Smoking Buddah
    Mo Murder
    Foe Tha Love of $
  3. Some good songs in that mix jaySON.. post some more lil wayne or anything else if you have some more :)

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