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Smoke session made my friend go deaf? (for a minute)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SiicKxShoTz, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. A while back me and a bunch of friends were chillen smokin passing around 5+ blunts. We were all chiefing on them and were super stoned. When one of the blunts got to my friend he chiefed on it, and another one got passed to him and he started hittin it after a breath, and then I hear him say "Dude what the fuck bro I can't hear dude" Apparently he went deaf he couldn't hear anything for about 3 minutes, and he had to sit down because he was dizzy. Thinking back on that, I wonder how the hell a smoke session would have made that happen? 

  2. he was probably just really fucking high and couldn't understand anything. 
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    No he literally couldn't hear. Another one of my friends was sitting next to him sayin sht yo dude yo and he was not responding and you could tell he wasen't faking by just how oblivious he was to any sound, he was just lookin around like oh shit oh shit, he went deaf for a couple mins.
  4. Happens before you pass out, your friend probably got overheated or was dehydrated or something and the weed made his heart rate go up, which made him almost pass out.

    Just my 2 cents, it's happened to me a couple times while smoking
  5. Sounds strange, as someone said he coulda almost passed out. But I think he coulda been just really in the zone, you can get dizzy when your high yh actually I think he was about to pass out, too much weed haha.
  6. Lol, sorry... your friend is a pussy.
    Never heard of weed causing ill effects. Well, occasionally for a pussy. 
  7. sounds awesome as fuck!  i wanna kick it like that!
  8. Thats what you call loud
  9. I'm kind of surprised no one has said this yet but it could have been an oxygen rush, if he was holding in his hits alot and you all were smoking alot (like hit after hit after hit) it honestly is not that uncommen to hit exhale and hit again without breathing and as soon as you do breath in you get a huge oxygen rush which can cause diziness and such. Deafness sounds weird for that but the few times thats ever happend to me sounds were not what I was paying attention to lol.
  10. Sounds like he went full retard.
    Never go full retard.
  11. Happened to me when I was new and smokin' dank. I wanna say it's a blood pressure thing.
  12. Exactly this. 
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    When I smoked some Bubba Kush for the first time, I smoked a lot and then my hearing went to shit and all I hear is ringing. Eyes go blurry, happened again like a year later when i'm smokin a bowl of some dankk so it's possible.
  14. he was just so high he forgot how to hear
  15. Sounds like someone greened out for the first time
  16. One of my friends went blind and he was freaking out and he started crying he was so scared.
  17. He probably had a panic attack or was just really really high.  His heart rate probably shot the fuck up and putt pressure in his ears making him not be able to hear.

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