smoke session gone wrong

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  1. Last Thursday I decided to invite my good friend to my house to try out the ounce I bought. As we were pulling into town we see another good friend who had moved 2 provinces over and had just came back after being released from a year in jail for stabbing a guy multiple times. Ive known him since the second grade and couldnt believe he was back, so i invited him over. he was standing 2 houses over from my house and he said he had to wait for his other 2 friends, who are also sorta my friends, but not really. Before i know it there is a 2 tone honda civic pulling into my driveway BLARING music with subs pounding. I live by a bunch of old people for neighbors and im usually a really quiet guy, never do shit like that. The owner of the car says the only way he will turn them off is if i get in the car and check it out, and i said ill only do it if he drives outa town (very small town. 5 streets). When we left my house there were 3 people there(good friend, jail friend and his friend). He took me for a 5 minute ride in his car that he sucked at driving, he thought he was top notch revving the shit out of the car EVERY GEAR. We get back to my house and i notice another guy in the driveway talking to everybody, great, just what i wanted, more people. I approach the group and i get offered a hoot off a pipe while everyone is just yelling about weed and other illegal shit, elderly neighbors in plain view across the alley just staring at us. I tell them to be quieter and to wait to go into the shop to hoot. The two guys who came in the car had went to a local city earlier that day and bought some stuff called gold rush, its like fake synthetic weed. I heard bad things about this shit so i only took 1 hoot. The guy who showed up turned out to be a british guy who lived in the apartments right next door and had been invited over by one of the other dummies. we packed a bong bowl of weed and smoked it between us all. the whole session the british guy was asking if it was just weed every time we passed it to him, he didnt want the other shit. somebody decided to pack the synthetic shit in my bong and nobody else realized it. The british guy probably took 2 or 3 rips of the shit and within 5 minutes some weird ass shit started to happen. he walked to the far side of the shop zombie-like, not responding to us calling him. This was the first time any of us had met him and since this shit wasnt happening to us it seemed almost fake at first. He just put his face against the wall for about 2 minutes before he collapsed big time, making a huge mess knocking over shlelves, making them crash into my car! he layed on the floor in the semi sitting position with his eyes wide open not responding to anything. He then started to have a seizure on my shop floor for a while, at which point i wanted him out asap. after about 20 minutes he managed to say "take me to my apartment", so the 2 goofs did. before he even got inside the building he fell to the ground and started screaming, foaming from the mouth, and having a seizure again. By the 3rd seizure the 2 fucks were back at my house wanting water and a blanket for him, they were crying and shit cause they thought he was dieing, i knew better. my friend told them all he has was a mountain dew, but he wanted to drink some first. One of the goofs got really mad at this point and said he was going to report us, for what? im not sure.They called 911 and got an ambulance coming, which i said was a horrible idea and the guy would hate them for the 500 dollar bill. The guy was ok by the time EMS showed up. At the end of the night the vibe was fucked up and all hopes of an awesome chill session were lost. I have hung out with the british guy since this and he turned out to be a pretty cool guy.
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    sucks man
  3. You're bad at picking friends and people to invite over. This kinda crap is totally standard when you let people invite people they know but you don't know well.

    By the time people are loudly talking about weed after you've had to deal with some punk ass who won't respect your wishes to turn off his radio it's time to choose, you can tell everyone to gtfo and smoke by yourself, or you can deal with stupid crap that always ends with a call to an ambulance or the cops. I personally wouldn't have put up with that fuck who defied you in your own driveway to get in his car or he wouldn't shut his shit off, and I'd have ended it all right there.

    Use this as a learning experience. Then again, you're the one who invited a guy over who just did a year for stabbing someone. You may have anticipated such a result :) Paragraphs don't hurt either.
  4. if it's too long for you too read then don't fucking read it, no need to post a pointless comment to seem cool. This is the STORY section, of course they are gonna be kinda long.
  5. Dude thanks for the story
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    Dude if someone is having fucking seizures and foaming at the mouth never argue against the idea of getting them medical attention... there's no "knowing better", you get them help

    If that shit were happening to me and some one said not to get me help I'd be done with them

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