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Smoke Responsibly

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Be Responsible, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Hey apprentice smokers, just wanted to "rant" a little. When you guys smoke, make sure you be responsible. Irresponsible people are what give stoners a bad image. Don't smoke in public places (there are exceptions) but I read about people smoking in store/school bathrooms and inside movie theaters and what not. Why? That is just going to hurt you in the long run *if* you get caught. You can be responsible and still have alot of fun. Don't do stupid shit while you are high. There is a difference between being funny and being downright stupid.

    Don't smoke too much at once to look like a badass, it often leads to 'greening out' and that just ruins your whole high. Don't be annoying either, no one likes their high being ruined my someone annoying them. Holding yourself together and being productive is also apart of being responsible.

    Also, don't smoke just to get away from life's problems. It usually just leads to even more problems.

    Sorry if you guys don't like my post, but being responsible is important. If you guys have anything to add, feel free. I respect all of you because life is too short for hatred and what not, just BE RESPONSIBLE. Happy toking you guys :) much love!
  2. Thanks for the quick tips! I can't wait to be more responsible with my cannabis consumption.

  3. Not sure if srs

  4. Probably being sarcastic, but oh well lol
  5. I agree OP. Be smart and just enjoy the wonderful plant

  6. I like your profile pic lol

  7. Chill out and smoke a bowl there buddy, no need to be rude. You obviously aren't mature enough to handle what I said correctly. I'm not telling you how and where you should smoke, I'm saying it would help if you smoke in a responsible place. You don't have to change your habits, I'm just asking for people to simply be a little more responsible. People tend to forget that weed is still illegal. But whatever man you do what you want. Being responsible just keeps your ass outta trouble.
  8. Alot of what I said were tips for beginner smokers.
  9. You're preaching to the quire though dude. The people who aren't mature enough to agree with you, are going to just think you're uncool, and dismiss what you said.

    The people who agree, really don't need the advice, since they likely already live it.
  10. To me there are 2 kinds of stoners. 1, is the person who enjoys getting stoned. They consider it something to do when you're bored. Perhaps a light hobby. The 2nd kind are the people who fully embrace the weed culture. They think it's not a hobby, it's life. They waste all their money on weed, put weed above their family, life, education, and career and give the 1st kind of smokers a bad name.
  11. Even if you're so skilled in ninja smoking that you only have a 1% chance of getting caught, you're still playing the odds, and eventually you're going to roll that 1% and be fucked.

    Do it 1 time a day for 1 year. You have a 365% chance you will get caught within that year even at 1% risk a day, and if I had to estimate the chance of getting caught, I'd say realistically, it's more like a 4-8% chance depending on how smart the dude doing it is.

  12. I bet you think you're cool. Smoking around toddlers is straight up disrespect. You will get caught sooner or later.

    And advance420 someones got to at least try to put some sense into peoples heads, I don't care how uncool they think I am lol. Until people learn to be responsible, the slower people start to look up towards marijuana.
  13. I agree with the OP, stupid smokers give us a bad image, especially dumb kids at lunch tables screaming across to each other "YO DUDE I GOT SO HIGH LAST NIGHT/ THIS WEEKEND"
    like really that pisses me off, your gonna get people in trouble, Including yourself. Also don't smoke to be cool, it just makes you look stupid. Smoke cause you enjoy the herb
  14. Can't believe that fucking troll hasn't been banned yet

  15. Right? Talk about annoying lol.
  16. [quote name='"Efoni"']

    i must be one lucky fucker than lmfao.[/quote]

    I literally just spend the last 30mins reporting all of your idiotic troll posts. But ittl be worth it when you're gone, and ittl take less than 15mins for GC to forget you.

    OP, I agree about being responsible, but responsibility only goes so far and we also need to learn to avoid stupid situations.
  17. I've already reported him a few times how long can it take
  18. Hooray for flapflip doing what I couldn't be bothered to do!
  19. I also reported him.

    But for the conversation. I totally agree. I do not agree with smokin and driving. But thats IMO. I mean I get bad anxiety so if you can do it safely all the power to you I guess.

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