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smoke resin?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carlhungus, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. read this thread when out of weed and scraped a very small ball out of my cheapo gas station bought pipe and it worked with fantastic results
    i am baked:smoking:
  2. Smoking resin isn't so bad, when your hard up for a good buzz it does the trick, I personally like to do knife hits with um, it's cleaner, and you get WAY better hits.
  3. Yeah, resin can be a bitch to get out if your an amatuer though, but defenitly worth it. Couple days ago me and my buddy scraped his lung, got this huge ball of resin, we smoked that thing for 15 minutes straight, high as fuck.

  4. You are confusing bowl/bong/pipe resin (tar) with Hashish. Hashish is the purest form of THC not the res/tar yall are refering to. just check this out..

    however, the resin that collects inside your bowl is smokable, and depending on how much you smoke of it, determines how blazed you get.:smoking:
  5. i say naaa but its whatever :smoke::smoke: :)
  6. Resin has been a good friend on many occasions. We didn't clean a pipe for a whole year and it was clogged as all get out by the time we scraped her but we had a huge resin ball...It got us all high. and well yea if it gets you high...why not? other than taste and effort...

  7. i definitely agree with this statement
  8. I like resin personally... its a different kinda hiigh... and lasts forever for me... One of my bongs basically manufactures little resin balls so all I have to do is pop 'em out n back into the bowl... it's also fun to smear it all over a paper before you roll... the paper burns slower, more evenly... and you get extra high... it's a win - win situation
  9. anyone who says resin doesn't get you high and all that is an idiot, i just smked a resin ball and i'm high as ever
  10. i find it a more chillaxing high it just chills me right out. but ya when it sticks its gunna stick
  11. smoke the resin! always smoke it... its adds to your high in the most pleasant of ways... nothing like a couple good resin hoots on the bong.

    has anyone ever tried resin and hippy crack (thc crystals)
    we use a coffee grinder to bust all our shit and empty it every once in a while. its worth it too! =]
  12. Just did the same thing...and im pretty blazed
  13. Resin is better created, rather then smoked. to clean ur pipe. bag of isoprophel alcohol . shake it up. if u cant quite get it all. add some salt as an abbrasive. pour water thru a coffe filter. take the left over resi, put on a plate. let it dry then enjoi. or place it under a lamp so that it dries faster.
  14. Im guessing by hippie crack u mean keif? ive never had a better high then off a keif bowl... amazing
  15. THIS THREAD IS 7 YEARS OLDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!:hello::smoking:
  16. i always smoke the resign from my pieces, but i hate doing unnessecary(sp?) work. i hardly ever scrape the inside i just cover the bowl with my thumb, hold the flame up to the carb and its busniess as usual. why would you not? sure the taste is bad buut id smoke resign waaaaaaay before smokin stems and people do that when there run out of green all the time.

    but the trick is to just never get run out. problem sloved.
  17. screw resin. Tastes gross, gets u a little high, more of a headache if u ask me.
    plus smoking resin - the residue of smoked weed, cant be good for them lungs. smokin buds are not good but smoking resin is bad. health wise. Thats just my opinion
  18. WOWW smoking stems. I did that once when i was like 12. talk about a bad taste and headache.Id chain smoke 5 unfiltered butts before i packed up a stem.
  19. Smoking resin seems kind of like eating shit to me, except not so gross. I've done it before, and I'm pretty sure I'll do it again, but not something I'd suggest to do on the regular.
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