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Smoke Report - "Trainwreck"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Kramer, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Strain: "trainwreck" (No information was given by the dealer, but sources strongly indicated trainwreck)
    Weight: Half an Oz.
    Cost: $170

    Appearance: 8 - Green, trich filled buds with thick, numerous orange hairs. No seeds, few stems. Fluffy appearance, but fairly dense.
    Smell: 9 - Straight up candy cane and pine. Extremely sweet and pungent.
    Taste: 8 - Sweet, rich smoke, Very tastey, slight harshness.

    Initial high: 8 - First toke, floaty head, slight buzz within the system, and a wave of warmth. Second toke, increased floatiness, buzz, and warmth. Add motivation and light euphoria. Very fast acting.

    High: 9 - Very long lingering, quite an uppity smoke. Good spaciness involved. Very strong sativa tones.

    Overall: 8.5 - One of the best pick-ups I've scored. Impressed quite a bit of people with it's "exotic" smell and flavor. The fast and intense high are great for small bowls.

  2. Dude for $170 that was a fucking steal man, Very nice Bud.
  3. Real good bud but cut your nails next time
  4. u said it was sativa like? i thought trainwreck was indica
  5. Again, the name of the strain wasn't positive. Hence, the quotes.
  6. i have some trainwreck sitting in my car, it's been going around here the last few days. it's a very unique high. your buds look just like mine.
  7. Well that's reassuring as hell.

    Right on.
  8. it burns really fast too
  9. The trainwreck I had would hit you fast and hard, and then made me sleepy lol. But that was cool cuz I mostly smoke at night.
  10. Your stuff looks very nice, and quite a steal with the price : ) Trainwreck is some very enjoyable weed!
  11. Verrrrry good bud. Nice pictures and bowl. A friend and i spent 60 for 2.5 but it was worth it, just never smoke 2 joints, 2 bowls and a fat blunt unless you just wanna get really stoned. Not a very good morning high since it lasts a long time and very hard to control yourself with such as very very sativa and your eyes will explode with redness. It also can make you tired which would not be very good during the day.

    Overall, Very good bud
    ps. Nice nugs:smoking:
  12. that's some nice bud, I had something that looked just like it a while ago but i dont think it was trainwreck, it was a fucked up high lol but damn bro your fingernails are FULL OF WEEEEEEEED!
  13. this is why when im high i take out a little swiss army knife with a little letter opener blade and scrape under my nails and clip.

    enjoy that nugger though mayne i wish i had some
  14. Nice green man, and at a steal:hello: grind that up next time thou;).... you know why :smoking:
  15. ummmmm.... you need to scrape the dirt from under your fingernails..;) It kinda distracted me from the yummy looking bud.
  16. That looks delicious. It does look a little fluffy but I bet it smokes nice!

    Trainwreck comes out swinging pretty strong, but I didn't really notice it lasting any more or less than usual. I do remember it being intense. Great strain; it's a good TV/video game high because it doesn't make me that sleepy at all.

    One time I got an eighth of this stuff called Venom Kush. It hits hard and fast like Trainwreck, but the feeling just keeps on escalating. No disrespect to anyone who has had a bad run in with trains, but the Venom is akin to getting bowled over by one of those Japanese bullet trains at 200mph and holding on for dear life. Pretty insane :smoking:
  17. Looks pretty dank!
  18. you know its trainwreck if it feels like your face has been hit by a train :smoking:

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