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Smoke Report - Female Seeds C99

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Shiva Blaster, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Smoke Report- Female Seeds Cinderella 99
    \t\t\tThis was a multi-strain grow in amended ProMix HP under 2 x 600 W MH/HPS using GH's Maxi line of nutrients with Koolbloom in flower. The C99 was dried slowly over 5 days and has now been curing in jars for a month.

    Tester (and Grower) Name : Shiva Blaster
    Strain : Female Seeds C99
    Method Smoked : 1/2 g rolled into a joint (no tobacco) with Zig-Zag whites.

    This plant was vegged for 4 weeks under a 600W MH and then flowered for 9 weeks under a 600W HPS. I chopped at all cloudy with about 5-10% amber trichomes. Not as quick as the 7-8 weeks advertised, but still very fast for a sativa. Very easy to grow and train. Classic sativa appearance (lighter green, lanky, skinny leaves) Topped once and used 4 way LST to keep short throughout, ended up with 4 main colas per plant with lots of secondary colas. Plants finished at a height of 3.5' by the end of flower.

    Plants were beautiful in appearance, and were very frosty for sativas. Extremely long, very white pistils that reddened up in the 7th week and receded. One of my C-99s actually turned purple by the end, likely encouraged my low night-time temps. Very easily managed for a sativa....classic sativa growth in a shorter size which is a big bonus.

    On a scale of 1-10:

    Overall plant appearance: 9 - very nice looking
    Ease of growth: 9 - Very easy to grow, no problems at all.

    Excellent yield for a sativa. Had 4 plants under each 600W light, and my C99's yielded 2.5-2.75 ounces per plant, just as much as the Big Bud cross they were growing next to. Very pleasant surprise.

    On a scale of 1-10:

    Yield: 9 - very good yield

    No shortage of bag appeal here.....buds range in size and are quite dense for a sativa. Light colored in appearance due to lighter sativa leaves and copious trichome coverage. Lots of orange in buds due to the abundance of very long pistils that are now woven into the buds.

    One a scale of 1-10:

    Density: 7 -buds are dense for a sativa, but not rock hard like an indica
    Bag Appeal: 9 -excellent
    Trichome Production: 9 very frosty

    This is where the C99 really starts to shine. From week 2 of flower onwards, these babies reeked of straight up Pineapple. If you were to even brush up against a plant, your nose is immediately filled with mouth-watering goodness. This smell remained constant throughout the grow, dry and cure which I was very pleased with. I am a relatively new grower and was previously skeptical of how much certain strains actually smell like different types of fruit, etc. C99 has destroyed all skepticism on my part.....the stuff smells so fantastically like pineapple, that it makes me want to eat it.

    Once broken up, the smell permeates through the entire room. There are extremely subtle musky and citrus undertones, but it really is all about the pineapple.

    On a scale of 1-10:

    Smell: 10 - I hesitate to give perfect marks, but I just can't imagine any bud smelling more fantastic than this C99 does. It may end up ruining me for future grows/strains as I think all other strains will have a hard time measuring up.

    The smells pulls through beautifully in the taste. Leaves a sweet, pineapple taste on the palate and lips along with a very pleasant citrus-musk-grapefruit aftertaste. A number of people remarked that it tasted so delicious that I must have rolled with flavored papers. That is a very accurate description as the only time I have tasted anything like this was using Juicy-Jays. Absolutely mouth-watering and a joy to smoke. I often find myself overindulging and smoking an entire joint (which is way overkill, see below) simply because it tastes so great that I don't want to put it out.

    The smoke is extremely smooth, and not cough-inducing at all. The smoke is not very expansive, and joints burn slowly and evenly to a fine ash. Half an hour after smoking, it still leaves a very pleasant grapefruit aftertaste on the tongue/palate.

    On a scale of 1-10:

    Flavour: 10 - no hesitation at all to hand out a 10 here. Out of this world.
    Smoothness: 9 - very smooth smoke with great tangy aftertaste


    Cinderella 99 has completely opened my eyes. I am a seasoned smoker, but only indicas are ever available in my area and I never really understood the difference between being "high" and being "stoned". Now, I most definitely do. In smaller amounts, this is a great daytime smoke. I am an active smoker, and feel like this strain was custom made just for me.......uplifting, euphoric high that is felt almost all in the head. A slight pressure behind the eyes and in the cheeks, accompanied by a rush of mental stimulation. It is a very functional buzz, which is fantastic for creative pursuits, or spicing up mundane daily activities. Definitely not couch-lock here, this is a VERY active buzz.....if I just sit around after smoking, my limbs tingle and my muscles twitch in anticipation of activity. Great strain to smoke and have a very enjoyable and productive day.

    In larger doses, C99 is TRIPPY! Sense of sight and hearing are accentuated, and very rush-inducing. This one can definitely get the heart pounding, so those that have issues with anxiety or paranoia should be careful not to overindulge.

    One of the best aspects of the high is the smooth come-down with no burn-out at the end. I love indicas, but smoking them during the day made me a write-off as I would crash hard after. Not at all the case with C99.

    No more indicas during the day for me, it's gonna be all Cindy, all the time.

    Buzz profile: 90% head, 10% body
    Buzz length: 2.5 hours

    On a scale of 1-10:

    Potency: 9.5 - extremely potent stuff!
    Quality of buzz: 9.5 - exactly what I was looking for, perfect for sativa-lovers


    Overall, I'm ecstatic with the results obtained with Female Seed's Cindarella 99. In my mind it is a fantastic all around smoke that combines solid yield and ease of growth with delicious flavor and top-notch sativa high. With a short flowering period of only 9 weeks, and it's smaller size, this is a fantastic option for anyone wanting to add a sativa strain to their garden without the height issues and 12+ week flowering period. With this strain you get it all with no compromise.

    Growth Rating: 9 - easy to grow, great yield
    Smoke Rating: 9.5 - best I have yet to encounter, period. This is the strain all others will be measured against from here on out.

    Overall Female Seeds - C99 rating: 9.25 \t\t
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  2. The pics:

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  3. Oh thank you for this review, i have been waiting for this! now im going to order C99, Love your reviews and your other reports, happy growing brother.
  4. excellent reviw Shiva..thanx for taking the time to write a complete report..luv your work..growing and writing
  5. :wave: Thanks a lot for the kind words! The GC community has provided me with all the knowledge needed to become a successful grower, so I like to give back when and where I can. :) Hopefully this review encourages a few other growers to give C99 a try, it really is a fantastic strain.
  6. It has been 8 days since my report and and just wanted to add an update on the C99 as the extra week has made all the difference in the smell and taste. The strong Pineapple smell and flavor is still there, but there is also a much more pronounced sour, citrous which really shows up in the taste.....a lemony-grapefruit aftertaste lingers in the mouth after each hit, giving a nice tangy component to the sweet pineapple smell as taste.

    I am in love with the soaring, psychadelic high that accompanies the delicious taste and smell, this is some serious top-shelf smoke. I savor every drag of this stuff and it has made the other strains grown this round a bit of an afterthought. I have some Female Seeds 'Grapefruit' on order (C99 x fruity sativa) and I can't wait to see how they do...any plant containing C99 genes is bound to be a winner.
  7. I have a c99 in its 3rd day of drying, it was a bitch to grow, gave me problems starting 3rd wk of veg until I chopped the bitch, but I made it and reeling the rewards, pick a lil pice off and threw it in the vape for...quality control ha, full blow sativa high , love it!
  8. Was your c99 from Female Seeds? Mine were the easiest going plants of my multi-strain grow.....not picky on watering, responded great to topping and training. They were somewhat light feeders, but that is to be expected with a sativa. What kind of problems did you have? Also curious which pheno you got, and if yours has the overwhelming pineapple smell and taste?
  9. Ya it's from female seeds, first problem was it started yellowing in veg, I did some corrections like feeding epsom salt of kept really close eye one ph but never really came out of it, later in flower I started getting bud rot on the tips of the colas and there I'd no reason for it, I could put my hand on my cool tube and not get burned, throught the entire grow I had to cut off dead leaves, by time I chopped there were no leaves. When I hung branches buds had looked awesome bright green with shades of purple and smelled like pineapple, yesterday I check em and now the buds are all dark and smell pungent like a indica.....What the fuck... Bag appeal one the buds sucks now too cause of all the dead sugar leaves. Strain was def a pain in the ass against the super lemon haze I grew previous
  10. Interesting....i dont mean to question your skills as a grower, but I have to think that your issues were related to environmental/feeding factors rather than the genetics. I'm no expert, but have multiple grows under my belt, all done in a fully dialed in room dedicated to growing. Temps remain ideal and my feeding program has remained constant for all my grows. I had multiple c99 plants (3 of 8 on this grow) and literally had zero issues....no yellowing, spots or discoloring at and point other than late flower when some yellowing and leaf loss is completely normal. Next to Northern Lights, these were probably the easiest plants ive ever grown......as such I have a hard time believing the genetics gave you issues, your conditions and or feeding program must be out of whack to some degree. If your plants yellowed Nd lost leaves in veg, than it means you didnt provide enough N soon enough or often enough. I follow the Lucas formula and begin feeding 2 weeks into veg and had lush bright green plants all the way to the end.
  11. Id also like to add that c99 has the reputation of being extremely easy to grow, especially for a sativa.....one of the reasons I chose it.
  12. Great report on the c99 man I just popped 3 c99 beans by female seeds, do you have any experience with other phenotype of c99? I'm curious how many I will grt
  13. Hey Cordor, thanks for the comments :) I did experience one other pheno (two total). I did not care for the other pheno as much....it was the minority (only one of three), was crazy tall and skinny, low yielding, and has more of a mango type taste and smell to it. It was a bit of a pain to grow as it quadrupled in size in flower and yielded half of what my other c99's did......I chalked it up to a bunky pheno, no biggie....that is going to happen when growing from seed. It wasn't terrible, but it pales in comparison to what I assume is the "main" or "intended" pheno that I did my report on. You will be able to tell the difference early on, as it will look much taller and skinnier than the other girls as early as 2-3 weeks in.

    Both of the plants that fell into this "main" phenotype were very uniform, the only difference being that one plant went purple late in flower and is a little less dense with a little more pronounced grapefruit "sourness" to the taste and smell. Just as delicious, just more sour than the other which leans more toward Pineapple. Smell, taste, and variety are all very important in my books so having this little variation is quite nice :) The high and effect is exactly the same.
  14. Thanks for the response man.. Glad to know you liked it.. Ill snap pictures of them tomorrow when the light goes on, there only about a month old but there is one bigger then the other two. That pineapple pheno that your talking about is what I'm looking for heard its bomb..I also have 2 chocolope going I thought I saw you talking about those also did you ever flower them out? I've only heard good things about both strains
  15. I ordered Chocolope for my next round, should be popping them in the next couple of weeks......have only read good things too, supposed to be really easy to grow. I'm going to grow them along Female Seeds Grapefruit (a c99 cross) for my sativas this time around....should make a tasty duo :)
  16. Yeah sounds like we have the same taste with sativas..I like Indicas better.. What do you run for Indicas?
  17. I am starting to discover that Sativas are more my thing......I love them for during the day, and then love a heavy indica at night. I couldn't get a hold of them until I started growing my own, so C99 is probably my first tru sativa experience. For Indicas I have grown Northern Lights, White Widow, and just grew Bubblegummer from Female Seeds but that was more of a Hybrid.

    For the upcoming grow, I will be running Grape God from Next Generation and Barney's Blue Cheese for my Indicas
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    Chocolate covered grapefruit. :3 mmmm.

    :wave: Hey there, from the organics section! This is by far the best smoke report I've seen ANYWHERE in ANY FORM for FMS C'99!!

    I am growing her right now, 100% LED, 100% Organic. I am 4 weeks into Veg and I can already smell that fucking pineapple EVERY time I stick my head in there. I'm so stooooked!

    I can attest to this strain being insanely easy to grow… as this is my first grow, and I haven't encountered a single problem with her yet (except for some light bleaching when I was learning about my LED lol.)

    If you get a chance, check out my journal! :D :hello:
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    Those are my c99's can't really tell to much of a difference yet one is taller then the other two though. The grape god and blue cheese seem bomb I can't wait to se those grown out I've seen a few done by Barney's farm and it's all been piff pinaple chunk and LSD were the most recent ones and I would defiantly grow both of them in the near future
  20. Thanks for the kind words! I put a lot of effort into my smoke reports and it's nice to see they are being appreciated. It's tough to find quality/detailed smoke reports on many strains so I submit one on each strain I grow....if everyone does the same, it would make it much easier for all of us to select strains to grow, identify phenotypes, characteristics, etc. If you enjoyed this report, pay it forward and submit some for your next grow :)

    And ill check out your journal for sure! I know what you mean about the overwhelming pineapple smell in the grow room, I couldnt get enough of it! :)

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