Smoke, Race + Owned 60k Car

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  1. Starts off by filling up the supra with a full tank of race gas for the night. At a party and my buddy with a brand new Corvette z06. Now keep in mind this car is 505hp bone stock, no modifications. My car is only 400hp with my nitrous progressive system turned on. We smoke, and then he goes into "must impress girls by talking mad shit and dissin my friends" mode. Says his z06 would beat my supra even with giving me a 4 car jump start.

    (Deserted road several miles long) Line up for the race, me 4 car lengths ahead. Hot chick does a bandana to start race. I take off dropping the clutch @ 4.5k and him babying it in(seriously brand new z06, less than 25 miles on car) and by the time we are in 3rd he catches up but my powerband is now active. Ahead 1 car length when he makes his fatal mistake, he missed a gear. So as Im pulling away I light my victory joint and blow the giant cloud out the window.

    Well, after the race I turn back and head back to the party. Chill, smoke, and talk somemore when I decide to come home. Come to find out by text message when I got home, that my friends z06 is making a funny noise near the transmission. Seems as though he ram it into reverse but didnt go all the way in.

    Cliff notes:
    Stoned Shit talking rich guy + racing expensive car = new transmission
  2. haha, what a dumbass
  3. Way to stomp mr fancy pants :hello:
  4. damn. defintely must've fucked up his shit
  5. Damn, thats gonna cost a good amount.
  6. since you said $60k, im asuming its a C5. C5 z06's have 405hp bro.
  7. Haha, That guy doesn't know how to drive for shit.
    Got any pics of your supra? Sounds nice.
  8. haha ouch man. that's gonna cost him
  9. He said it had less than 25 miles on it and it's brand new, so it would have to be the C6. I'm sure he was just estimating on the price, but even so he's not that far off. Maybe about 68-70K.
  10. It's his own fault, you can't treat a brand new car like that, especially if you can't drive it perfectly. 25 miles isn't enough time to really know your car.
  11. Ya wtf was he thinking racing that car. Im glad his shit got fucked up. Cause if that was my car, i wouldnt have raced it untill 1000 miles.
  12. 25 miles?? thats still in the fucking break-in period!! what an idiot, he must have fucked his piston rings quite a bit too. youre not supposed to fucking ream on a brand new car or a freshly rebuilt engine for a good 2500+ miles.

    P.S. how you like my rice rocket?

  13. hahaahha!!! thats hilarious wat a dumbass
  14. I don't have a picture of my ricer. I have a 01 Tiberion. I have a Bomex full body kit. I painted it House of Kolors special Tangelo, with a really unique racing stripe painted Midnight Blue. I have a K&N Intake, Greddy Cam Gears, I got a brand new suspension kit, and strut bars. I'm saving up for new wheels and tires. Right now though, I have 16 inch chrome rims, and Yokohama tires.
  15. I've heard as much as 10k markup on the new vette so I was just saying a somewhat base price. Speaking of the z06, I just got a primo condition 1970 Chevy Nova that is screaming for me to put in the LS7 7.0-liter/427-cubic-inch Gen IV V-8 rated @ 505hp @ 6200rpm.

    Talon: like talon/eclipses, but I really dispise those taillights(each to his own, I am in no way knocking you in any way).

    xXMelkorXx: Bomex is a nice body kit. Did you have to upgrade your fuel system with those Cam gears?
  16. ^^ Oh yea, I did. I forgot to throw that it. I have HKS Fuel Mag. It works wonders
  17. yeah HKS is one solid company. they had a turbo drag supra(i believe an 89 or 90) that had 1000hp. destroked and boosted more but it got there.

    I had to go aem for my supra but its cool if I throw a turbo motor in because it just has to be reconnected and retuned. =]
  18. ok, so 1, how could the thing have less than 25 miles on the car when he 1.Drove home 2.Drove to the party 3.Drove to go race, unless all of these things are within 5 miles of eachother that isnt right, and its hard as fuck to throw the car into reverse, especially in a brand new vette, which is a 6 speed, with reverse nowhere near 3rd gear. this story sounds fishy to me.
  19. He picked it up from a local dealership in his own town. Visalia is about 22 miles from where I live, our town is like 8,000 people and 1.5 mile from one end to the other. The party was in town.

    Again about the tranny, this is what I've heard, I don't really talk to that guy on a daily basis so.... But, he was always very high and didn't really have a fast car before(Dad bought him his car, I think he had a 4 Cyclinder S-10 before)
  20. Where's the pictures? My brothers buddy has a nice 96 supra that he's selling, In my opinion its one of the slickest cars around.. He added that bomex kit this past summer.. looks fuckin sick.. but unfourtunatly it was the one used in fast and the furious :/

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