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Smoke out of apple

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcmad358, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. What's it like to smoke out of an apple? Also, how much smoke does it create? I need a cheap way to smoke now, I don't have a piece alright now

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  2. Worked fine for me in my early days. Afterwards, you can eat the apple which is a plus.

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    It works the same as a regular pipe/bowl.
    That's all you need to know. Leave the overthinking to the scientists and just make an apple bong. Or don't, stay sober for all I care. 
    All dat delicious tar. 

  4. It works fairly well for when you're desperate. I'd suggest creating a gravity bong instead though. Very easy to make. My buddy and I had no apples in the house one night and had to smoke out of a kiwi... Worked better than I expected.

    Happy toking ✌️
  5. Relax dude.

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  6. Works great, just use something to stab the holes!
    Also, as mentioned above, gravity bongs are just as easy sometimes and hit waaayyy fatter for the same amount of bud usually.
  7. God i remember those days! APPLES! Or if you are really low on supplies use a soda can(REALLY BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND SHOULD BE USED AS A LAST RESORT)
  8. Apples are my shit nigga:p lol I haven't made one in years tho. They make the smoke taste pretty good and u get a snack when ur done! back when I was in my early teens I could make one of those things perfect in under 30 seconds! Haha we used to have contests to see who could make em fastest. Ur lookin at the champ lady's and gentlemen!!!! Lol I'm high=P

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  9. bet i can make em better!! haha
    carb, appropriate sized bowl hole for maximum weed consumption and all!
    reminds me sooo much of high school! lol if no one brought a piece that day then we'd go grab a bunch of apples from the cafeteria smoke out of em and much on the others after. i never ate the ones we smoked out of tho, howd it taste? lol

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  10. Smoking out of an apple has to be my favorite way to smoke when you have no papers, wraps, a piece, etc.  It's quick, easy, and works really well.
  11. @[member="nesw"] u sound like a worthy opponent but idk;) I'm pretty damn good lolz! They just tasted like apples=P made for good healthy munchies! For me it was middle school mostly when I was doin this. By time high school rolled around I usually always had some sort of piece or could roll

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  12. I remember doing this at school once in 2000-2001, and once or twice out of school - it always worked great.
    Would never bother with it nowadays but it was cool back then.

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