Smoke out my nose

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Okay, so i was just smoking a bowl of mostly keif with a bit of bud in it, the last bit of busted up nug from my grinder.

    I inhaled way too much and and coughed, but held my mouth close so not to blow water out the bowl of the bong. So it kind of went out of nose right.

    I put the bong down, exhale, and walk past my mirror to see smoke slowly brewing out my nostrils like a full chamber on a bong. haha i guess my sinuses filled up with smoke, but it was hilarious!

    another bowl and now im stoned :bongin:
  2. Haha sweet, you could charge people to take hits off the NOSTRIL BONG.

    Whenever i smoke a piece, i burp up smoke like a minute after my hit. I laugh.
  3. I think the important thing is that i didn't blow water out the bowl and ruin a perfectly good cherry.
  4. I did that in the trunk of a car one time. Bong water was all over the place. Bad times.

  5. true that, on acid my friend asked his brother if they had any root beer floats and then his brother made a smart ass comment about how you make root beer floats and everything went slow motion from there as i laughed into the bong but pulled the slide out just in real lucky there
  6. My dealers g/f was sooo stoned one time...she just straight up blew in to the fucking bong. It was a freshly packed bowl and she just blew in to it. It was fucking hilarious.

    Then one time my friends and I made this tight ass bong from

    I was so stupid at the time...I blew in to the fucker as hard as I could...(Just imagine it as a bong...bowl piece on hand...and thenyou suck the smoke throught the head.) Anyways...and water fucking launched straight up in tot he air and it dowsed my best friend. It was amazinf. :smoking:
  7. Anyone take a shotgun hit from a blunt through the nose? Its a headrush for sure :D
  8. I atke hits from my pipe through my nose :D
  9. If I do that more then like twice, my nose starts to REALLY hurt..

  10. That sounds like sometimes I'll accidentally swallow some smoke and I'll burp and smoke will come out. I really try not to do that if I go inside...don't need smoke gettin in the house.

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