Smoke on UNSUPERVISED Probation?

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  1. I've been placed on unsupervised probation just recently after being supervised for about 6-8 months not sure exactly how long but my probation officer and I just had our last meeting through via phone call and he said he closed my case out and now I'm on unsupervised. I didn't have to sign anything and did not get any paperwork so I really don't know the rules for unsupervised I'm almost positive it's basically the same as regular supervised probation. My question is, without any negative comments about smoking please can anyone tell me if it's common to get randomly tested while on UNsupervised probation? Also my charges were not drug related and I've passed all my random screenings when I was on supervised. Thank you !
  2. Well, if the charges were not drug related and you don't have any previous drug use record and don't come off as someone who uses drugs then you'll probably be fine.
    But there is still always a possibility of it.

    It ultimately comes down to you to decide though, man, we can't do it for you.

    Think about it long and hard. Weigh the risks of what could happen if they catch you vs. the reward of being able to smoke up.

  3. Well I've never personally been on probation but I would assume that even though your probation is unsupervised that they still reserve that "right" to screen you if you aren't to have drugs on your probation (obviously). You could just smoke, but you run that risk. I could be wrong, but just giving my judgement
  4. Yeah I've never had any charges other then the ones I it recently

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