Smoke in the garden

Discussion in 'General' started by M Finesse, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. There is nothing nicer than just havin a nice smoke in your sunny back garden chillin, dont you think?
  2. hafta agree- we did this on saturday with some reeeeal nice ska... It was cool...
  3. Yeah I enjoy smokin outside.. :smoke:
  4. I got these two good friends that I always go smoke around.

    They live in my front yard.

    They're trees.

    Tall maples.

    Which makes them excellent listeners.
  5. mmm... i agree fully, the outdoors is the best place to smoke, except in the rain. unless you are under shelter then the rain kicks ass
  6. being high outside on a pretty day with really loud music makes me really happy
    or driving on a really pretty day
  7. Ahhh the garden, my friend has this really great garden, it has high plant wallss around it and there's like hundreds of different kinds plants, little trees and flowers, vegetables and everything it's so nice to get the speakers outside and listen something mellow and visual music like Vangelis or psyche trance.....
  8. man speakin of rain, i took acid this one time and it was raining and the rain was green and purple and blue
    it was fuckin tight

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