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Smoke in the Dark

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bunnyrabbitz, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. If your smoking in pitch black darkness can you see the smoke easily? Usually its day or I have some light on. Because im feeling good :hello:

    But I only saw smoke twice and it was impossible to light with darkness and wind but I kept hitting and lighting it and it was fucked up burning because I couldnt see? Im confused. :smoke:
  2. I think you need light to see the smoke.
  3. Are you saying you smoke in the dark...?

    I only smoke outside away from the house and plus I am a wuss and a female I get nervous of kidnappers and murderers and such
  4. I have smoked in the pitch black dark before, all I need to see is a nice red cherry.:smoke:

    As for wind I usually have somebody help shelter the flame from the wind, while I light.
  5. yeah but i usually use night vision goggles
  6. you need light to see anything in the dark...

  7. Well you need to be in darkness but you have to have some light like if your inside of a house and it's dark out if you just open the blinds and smoke then you can see the smoke really well
  8. you will definatly see the smoke wayyy better in the dark or with dim lighting, no wind espically for tricks a car at night with the domn light is perfect haha but clam baking can be scetchy..
    hope this helps
  9. dude i prefer smoking in the dark. Its fun just sittin there smoking a bowl in the dark and watching the cherry move around the bowl. :D
  10. qft^^
  11. Yeah I just whip out my custom night-vision Ray Bans and smoke the cheeba in complete darkness.
  12. i like to hot box in complete darkness then turn the light on.

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