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Smoke in a freezer?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by aTam, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. At my work I work midnights and can pretty much roam around in a big store by myself. One of my friends told me she smoked in her freezer at her work, it was a big walk in one.

    Has anyone else done this? The smell should not last at all, right? Is this actually a smart place to smoke from a one hitter?
  2. One of my friends dad used to own a gas station with the walk in freezer behind the beer and soda. We went in there a couple times and smoked bongs, but we were never sure how bad it smelled (cant really tell when you've just burned). If possible I would still blow it outside to be safe.
  3. good luuck man, peace out :p
  4. just.. go outside.

    but yeah i think it'd be cool if no one was going in the freezer til morning.
    no worries on that:smoke:
  5. When I smoked in one it had a fan in the ceiling that we blew into.
  6. haha i do that every day at work.
  7. Where I work we have a walk in freezer and this summer we smoked in there a couple of times. The smell doesn't linger at all, the fan takes care of that.
  8. Back when I was about 16 I worked at a KFC. I did this once and the freezer continued to smell for a good hour or maybe more. A co-worker/friend went in there about 45 minutes after I toked and told me it still reaked of bud. Sure, a fan draws the smoke out only to get cooled and blown right back in. After that day, I always went out behind the dumpster to toke.
    If I were you, I would try and keep it outside if you want to keep your job..
  9. I work at a coldstone (ice cream store) and obviously, we have a walk-in freezer. I've smoked in it a few times, and always successfully. So here's my advice on how to smoke in there.

    1) Remember that you will still smell like weed when you exit the freezer. So if customers are an issue, its probably not a good idea.

    2) If you're the only one smoking, then its all good. But if more than one person want to blaze, then i suggest taking turns in the freezer; dont all go in at once. My boss has security cameras that he can see at his house, and it would be a little strange if all the workers went in for 5-10 then came back out. Oh and if customers come in, they'll be like wtf.

    3) use glassware if possible. Not only will J's/B's make you smell more, but they may drop ashes on the ground that will not see/forget to pick up.

    I guess thats really it lol. Oh and use a little spray in the freezer when you're done, and you should be all good.
  10. Why the shit are you guys smoking at you place of employment if it risks your job? Damn, people need priorities in life and work should definitely come before play.
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    I had a friend who used to work graveyard at a convenience store and she'd smoke up in the freezer nearly every night.

    I got left waiting in there for a good 20 minutes once when a customer came in, and then another, and another, and another... :hide:

    She used air freshener afterward though. And even then sometimes customers would come in and be like "dude, you know this place reeks, right?"

    Her boss did ask her once why all the cans of air freshener on the shelf were half empty... I don't think she had a good answer. :p
  12. I used to work at a place with a huge walk in freezer and we would smoke in there every night after closing. The fan in there pulls the smell out after a few minutes
  13. When I worked @ Friendlys, me and the Cook would smoke joints in the freezer, and nobody even cared aha
  14. its the fuckin cook man, stoners be makin up some crazy dishes and customers gotta love it :D
  15. it works but it not worth your job. I think its more enjoyable after you know you can just relax. This is disappointing seeing as its so hard for me to even find a job at the moment.:(
    Just weigh out the consequences bro
  16. Haha thats great junkie, so funny she was using the air freshner right off the shelf.

  17. where do you live? at the cold stone round here the boss jus put cams in that he sees at his house so we cant get free ice cream there anymore... i dont know you do i? lol
  18. i live in cali
  19. I work in a place with an industrial-sized oven, so we just smoke near the oven and blow the smoke into it. The exhaust fan sucks it all away, no muss, no fuss.

    I should check and see if our walk in freezer recirculates air or not. Never hurts to have a back up plan.

  20. haha i like how you say this and your sig says smoke more marijuana...

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