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Smoke-ify your room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Emblazened, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. What's up guys I just joined. I was wondering how people who smoke in their rooms outfit their rooms for getting the evidence out. Feel free to add to this list, but these are some things i thought of:
    -Desktop fans
    -Ceiling fans
    -Closing air vents to the rest of the house
    -Opening windows
    -Using a candle to light lighters, rather than having to click the lighter down

    I was just forming a mental list of things that would help, but I myself just chief in my bathroom because of the vent in there. Smoke goes away lightning fast.

    I ask anyone to add to or discuss the items on this list. This may help people who want to start smoking in their rooms. Post away!
  2. I have one of those in the window fans that you can make blow out instead of in, so i just turn it on reverse and put another fan at the other end of the room, i smoke as much as i want and whatever i want, and the smoke just goes straight out of the window leaving it smelling just like before.
  3. i'm tryin to get one of those side by side fans that fit into your window and have the extending sides so you can create a seal. those things work REALLY good
  4. if you have windows open them and point fans going out them, after your done with your session spray a good bit of febreze and continue to air out the room with the fans and the windows open.

    if you live in the basement be sure to find your outtake vent in your room, seal that from smoke or else it could go upstairs and smell the whole house up.

    and if you dont have any windows, your gonna have to use a sploof
  5. Before you get too confident, just know that if you smoke consistently inside your parents' house, you will get caught. If your parents knock on your door while you are smoking/finished smoking they will still catch hints of smell here and there, whether it's from the open jar of weed while you are packing your snaps, or from the tiny amount of smoke that missed the fan.
  6. i put a sheet over my door when i smoke blunts cus my parents dont like the smell of nug
  7. my parents dont mind, so i dont worry about it, i use incense for when we have people over
    and i found it best for when u hide the smell is use a dam spoof and incense, cause the smoke coming out the spoof will smell like the incense burning (no lie)
  8. Honestly this should open up a whole new discussion (which should be stickied imo) about how to "outfit your room" so you don't get caught smoking in your dorm at college.
  9. I duno, point a fan, thats pretty much that, pot has such a distinct smell. Once you have smelt it in your life even 10 years later if you get a wiff of it you know its pot its so obvious but so fun :D lol far out brussle sprout im dribbling


    The Duck.
  10. never been caught with my system, I do this any time of the day I want to smoke, no matter whos home doing what.. I only smoke by myself, or a couple of friends AT MOST.. also, both of my parents have smoked cigs for there life, so there smell might be a lil off...but I also have a sister whos never smoked anything in her life before..soo

    - at least 2 incense sticks lit at once, have them burning for atleast 20-30mins after I am done smoking..

    - I have a 9 inch fan that constantly pushes the smoke around so the smoke dosent just sit around smelling..

    - wet wet towel under neath the door.. ( I have carpet btw so it stays good )

    - I turn on the central AC, so I constantly have air pushing down from the ceiling..

    - I only use a my bong, or a pipe. I dont allow anyone to use joints or blunts..idk why, just think they produce more smoke then pieces do..

    - play music to cover up the lighter noise, or any coughing that may take place orrrrr talk about weed. cause everybody loves to talk about other times smoking when your blazed..

    never been it real often..


    just always close your door when you leave your house, or when your in there so its not wierd when all of a sudden it is closed.. same thing with incense.. light like 1 when your not smoking so it becomes normal to others..let them know when you first get incense that one of your friends had it and you like the smell alot and it seems to relax you.. I think if a parent all of a sudden started smelling inscense, they would think somethings up
  11. A fan blowing air out the window is by far the best solution. Putting things in the air to cover up the smell is kind of sketchy, people might think you are trying to cover something up (which you are).
  12. another thing to do is blow tha smoke through a spoof into your closet. with the door just cracked enough to blow tha smoke i. that way the smoke isnt even in your room, just the closet.

  13. Yeah I got One of those.. It has 2 mini fans, and you can control weather they blow in or out so its perfect.. Like you could have one Blowing out.. (exhale near that one). Then have the other fan circularing clean air around the room!:D:smoke:
  14. I put a towel under the crack of my door.
    Put a plug-in fan on high.
    Light some strong incense.
    And after I smoke, when I leave the room, I spray Febreeze.
  15. i do the same thing with the candle, its a nifty little trick :)

    i also towel the door, turn on an air purifier, light incense. i then pack snappers and blow through a sploof out the window. there is almost no weed smell, and its undetectable after 10 minutes.
  16. What I do is I take a empty toilet paper roll and stuff 2 bounce sheets in it then blow it IN the room so it covers the smell of the smoke comming from your joint, blunt or peice. I dont know if there is a proper name for this.
  17. Thats the 'sploof' people are talking about
  18. i put a blanket under the door and light a candle.
    then i open both of my windows (opposite sides of the room)
    turn on the fan with the ionizer and put it on oscilate in front of one of the windows facing the other one (this way it brings in fresh air from the outside while pushing the smoke out of the other window and purifying)
    i use a sploof and blow smoke out of the window that the fan is facing

    i always have music on so when i have it on on purpose to cover the lighter noise and possible coughing it isn't suspicious.

    the smell practically isn't there when i'm done
  19. man.. just buy a 1 hitter or a small bowl and go toke outside.. if you can hold your weed in long enuff to blow out no smoke, you get higher and its not obvious...

    PLUS you dont get caught.
  20. Haha, I remember the first time I did mushrooms I got the sudden and intense urge to chill in my closet. I went in there with my macbook and just sat smokin a blunt, listening to music, and watching the visualizer on iTunes. It made my closet my favorite place to chill and smoke. I put in a small piece of fom mattress, a couple blankets, some pillows and a few stick-on-the-wall lights.

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