Smoke/Grow Report: Pyramid Anesthesia

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    Here's a short smoke/grow report on another outstanding strain by Pyramid seeds. This is now my 5th strain that I've grown from Pyramid.

    Strain: Anesthesia
    Genetics: 90% Indica, 10% Sativa; Black Domina X Northern Lights
    Number Grown: 2 (as part of a 4 plant, 2 strain grow)
    Grow Style: "tree" style
    Grow medium: Coco
    Nutes: House & Garden
    Light: 1000w HPS, Hortilux
    Ballast: Solis-Tek
    Tent: Sun Hut XL (4.5' X 4.5' X 7')

    Growth Characteristics: This is a heavy-duty Indica strain; very stress (environmental, nutrient) resistant. It has a strong vigorous growth pattern with dark green large leaves. However, unlike some Indicas, Anesthesia is not overly compact, thus allowing for very good light penetration into the canopy. She got a pretty good fungus gnat infestation in both plants, but seemed to care little; although, it just stands to reason that the infestation MUST have lowered yield to some extent. --though it's hard to tell it from the final weight! This is a strain with definite commercial potential, all without sacrificing anything in terms of potency! This is also a very homogenous strain, at least from the 2 plants that I grew. I find this to be a characteristic of Pyramid seeds--extreme strain stability.

    Yield: 14oz. dried & cured

    Smoke Report: Again, this is a classic Indica. Smell/taste is a pungent earthy, musky, very slightly sweet/hashy, intense lemon cleaner.

    Duration of effects: 1-2 one-hitters in a bong and your good for 3hrs. or so. Nice long high

    High: Anesthesia has ~18% THC, ~ 1.5 CBD, so this is a pretty fast, hard, hit to the head. Disorientingly strong high! Heavy eye lids, couch lock, and ALWAYS appetite stimulation. This would be great for (medicinally) anxiety, insomnia, chemo, etc. Anesthesia also makes the ultimate chill out, music listening weed, as you can really float in the Indica high as the music sweeps you away. Good for movies too, although you may find yourself loosing your place in the movie!

    Overall rating 1-10: a solid 9. Anesthesia really has it all--potency, smell, taste, great yield, and did I say bag appeal?!

    Sorry for the lack of perspective in the Pics. The large bud is ~ 2 1/2 Bic lighters long, and ~ 2 Bic lighters wide.

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  2. Nice smoke report budbrain007. Sounds like you found yourself a winner. I'm impressed with the yield you got from this plant(s). Curious, what did you mean by a 4 plant, 2 strain grow? I was considering buying anesthesia seeds for this spring's growing season, but decided not to because I didn't find much info about this strain. This strain will be a good one for next year's lineup. You gave this strain a pretty high mark (9). How do you compare this to other indica strains you grew/smoked? Thanks for taking the time to write up and post pics on this strain.
  3. By "4 plant, 2 strain grow" I simply mean that I flower 4 plants at a time--2 each of 2 different strains.

    It's a great Indica strain. It's easy to grow, stress/pest resistant, very good bud-to-leaf ratio, with an excellent growth structure that encourages good light penetration of the canopy without the need for a lot of pruning, LST, etc.

    The high is a very strong, long lasting, Indica couch-lock type of high. With some curing the kerosene diesel fuel smell really comes out!

    Hope that helps,

  4. what size bucket did you use?
  5. Those were grown in 3.4 gallon Air Pots

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    Loved this, inspiring. Planning on doing a grow style similar to yours Bud :smoke:
    Those flowers look breathtaking to say the least, and 14oz? Off a single plant under a 1000w? I'd be happy with half those results under my 800w LED. Never knew coco could be so productive!
    Safe to say I'll have to keep an eye out for the Anaesthesia myself! Great informative smoke report man, if I could rep you on here still I would!
    Take it easy Bud,
    Clouds :bongin:
  7. Clouds, thanks. That was 14ozs. from 2 plants.Bud

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