Smoke filtration system to prevent second hand smoke and odors

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by jamesdean1992, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Hello GC, I was pretty baked a few months ago and thought of making a filtration device similar to the Smoke buddy. Basically it would suck all the smoke in the room through the carbon filter. Good for people who don't like cigarettes it will be quiet so for an example say everyone is having a smoke at the table they're blowing the smoke right at each other with this device you could put it in the middle of the table, or someone in you're house do sent like the smell of green

    Would any of you use this device or think people would? It's cost would be one hundred to two hundred dollars
  2. if it worked very well and was convenient to use, I'd pay $100 for it.
  3. I'd trade you some drachmas for it...
  4. yeah, I've made something similar myself before, essentially all it is is computer fans and ONA. its a no brainer really

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