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Smoke detector in my room?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kriyptic, Aug 7, 2012.

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    So, I still live with my Parents and I want to smoke in my room at night, but i have a smoke detector above my door. I can't reach it to cover it up or tape it up, and I can't remove the batteries. So, If I smoke some herb or legal in my room, would it set my smoke detector off? If yeah, any solutions? Thanks in advance.


    I use to get caught sneaking out of my window so my Dad had a alarm installed and I can't open my window at night.
  2. Open a window, set up a fan and youll be fine

  3. I can't open my window at night.
  4. Smoke by widow. If no window than smoke sploof away from detector
  5. I don't think I've ever had a smoke detector go off whilst smoking. Unless you blow a huge cloud of smoke right at it (or you're hotboxing the room), I doubt the detector will sound. You should still take necessary precautions (sploof, etc) when smoking stealth, though :smoke:
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  6. I used to smoke in the school bathroom and my friend and I blew the smoke into the toilets
    I don't think it made a difference but the smoke detectors never went off. we were like 15.

    you should be fine. they don't usually go off unless youre fucking blowing smoke up in it, or, say, if there is, I dunno, a fire. if you're that worried, shove your face in a pillow when you blow the smoke out. a designated weed pillow, if you will

    I didn't even read the post but I'm really fuckin baked :smoke:
  7. This.

    Also, damn dude - you have a smoke detector in your room and an alarm on your window? Sorry to hear that. Have you tried using a chair to cover up the smoke detector?
  8. the smoke detector in my room has never gone off and i pretty much only smoke in my room.
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    Along with a fan, a sploof, and a spray of cologne or something, you should pack small hits you can burn to total ash in one hit. The smoke coming off a bowl smells much stronger than the smoke you blow out. I never smoked in my parents' house, but this has worked at friends' places when I was a kid.

    And yeah you'd be fine as far as smoke detectors. I have my own place now, but I don't like making the whole apartment reek. I've smoked blunts in my little bedroom with a towel under the door, windows closed and I never set off the smoke detector.

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